WARNING: Beware of Unbelief

“Don’t you remember anything at all?” (Mark 8:20)

Bible reading often cuts to the core of my being. I started my morning reading in 2 Samuel, observing David’s struggle in leading the Israelites; then I flipped to Daniel’s words in his final chapter. Both sections of reading felt strangely familiar with current culture. But it was Jesus’s words in Mark that convicted me.

The disciples had forgotten to bring food on the boat, so they began arguing with each other about it. Jesus questioned whether their hearts were too hard to take it all in.

They had just seen Jesus feed the 5,000, and they had seen him repeat that miracle again with the 4,000. Jesus took what little they had and multiplied it both times. So upon hearing the disciples argue, He emphasized, “Don’t you remember anything at all?” Had none of these miracles settled deep into their hearts? Had their minds so quickly forgotten what they had just seen and heard?  

The disciples were warned to beware of unbelief – a warning I  must heed myself.

I’ve been reflecting lately on the miracles of the past, moments when coincidence just couldn’t explain what was happening. Divine appointments, supernatural insights, and miraculous provisions have been part of our story countless of times.

As we wait on the Lord for a home, I remember that almost every house we’ve lived in over the last 32 years of marriage has had a divine story of some kind. God has been faithful over and over and over again. He has never failed us.

We mustn’t forget what God has done, for it gives witness to what God will do. The specifics are always different, but the nature and character of the Giver never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is in Him we abide and find rest. 

This morning I read these words from a book on Elisabeth Elliot’s life that resonated with me.

“She (Elisabeth “Betty” Elliott) realized that on a subconscious level, perhaps she had thought that obedience to Christ would mean following Him to some destination — like a thatched hut in the jungle — and then staying there. Perhaps she’d assumed that obedience in ministry meant following Jesus to an endpoint where one would stay put, and all would flourish. Now she realized, yet again, that a life of  obedience never really comes in for a landing, so to speak. She wrote, ‘He leads us right on, right through, right up to the threshold of Heaven. He does not say to us, ever, ‘Here it is!’ He says only, ‘Here I Am. Fear not.’

Now Betty didn’t think of her life as a series of ’summits’ to be climbed all the way to heaven, a steady ’triumphal’ path toward victory, as it was sometimes presented in Christian circles. She thought more about Jesus than the particular outcomes or accomplishments He might have for her. It was all about walking with Jesus…and in a mystical way, HE was both the journey and the destination.”  – Becoming Elizabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn

It’s always about walking with Jesus. HE is the journey and the destination. I’m so thankful for these reminders today. Isn’t it so kind of our Lord to prompt me to remember? Isn’t He so gracious and loving to warn me against unbelief?

As I reflect on the Mark passage I read this morning, I realize Jesus’ very presence that day in the boat with the disciples communicated … Here I Am! Fear not! 

Jesus is continuing to speak this truth to us today. Do we have ears to hear? Eyes to see? 
Beware of unbelief, dear friends. Hear our Lord’s words to you today: “Here I Am! Fear not!”

Recent song lyrics by Audrey

For the last few weeks, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel and visit our family and friends. Sitting around countless tables and enjoying encouraging conversation has renewed our spirits.

We’ve laughed, and we’ve cried. We are so grateful to have had this time. As we wait on the Lord “to make a home for us” (words from 2 Samuel 7), we are confident that He will do it . . . all in His time. We’re grateful.

Thank you to each one of you who are praying with us and continue to support us in missions. We have seen beautiful answers to long standing prayers this month. As one friend put it, “God is on the move in your family!” I loved hearing her say that. I’m thankful.

God is on the move in your lives too, dear ones. Keep trusting …. keep believing!

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