15 Second Testimony

And they overcame him (the devil) because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” ~ Revelation 12:11 

Last Friday, 150 of us gathered at our main YWAM Tyler campus to prepare for a special day of ministry. We were going to divide up and spread out across the city to flood the area with the love of Jesus in word and deed. Before heading out, we learned a quick way to tell our testimony.

It was a fun exercise to do together. I can be very long-winded, so it was good for me to express God’s miraculous work in my life in just a few words.

Richard and I, along with 5 others, headed downtown to interact with the homeless of our city. Under a bridge, we spread out to engage with those gathered. We wanted to encourage them with God’s love, but we also knew we needed to listen. I think in life oftentimes what people need most is someone to listen to them. It validates them as a human being by just showing up and being present.

I did a little talking too, but less is more I’m learning, and it was cool to see how easily in conversation I could concisely give witness to how Jesus makes a difference. I prayed with them and even gave a wristband away that I’d been wearing since school started last year.

The rubbery band said “In Jesus’ Name I Play” and was a special momento from my chapel group ~ Team Curry. I literally had not taken off this band since August, but I had been prompted earlier in the morning during worship I’d be giving the band away that day.

I was a little reluctant at the idea. I loved my band, but I love Jesus more and would do what He wanted. So when one of the individuals that afternoon spoke of playing basketball as a young person and his love for the sport, I KNEW it was right.

The cool thing about that band is that I could tell all three of the ones I had been sitting with how God led me that morning and say with confidence to all of them that God had each one on His heart long before we showed up.

The wrist band was a small testimony to show them this was true. I prayed very specifically the band would remind them Jesus is present in their journey. He sees, and He hears them! He knows them by name and loves each one so deeply.

Earlier this week, I was charged with leading the devotional amongst the staff at Christian Heritage School. In response to our time last Friday, I felt a nudge to have us ALL share our 15 second testimonies, and I’m so glad I did. Wow! What a powerfully meaningful moment that was for me.

16 amazing testimonies were shared.

16 unique stories of God’s miraculous work were declared.

16 times we applauded and cheered!

All glory to Jesus, for He had transformed our lives in powerful ways.

By the end, I was in tears. I literally felt like my heart would jump out of my skin as I closed in prayer. What a mighty God we serve.

We need to do this more. We need to hear each others testimonies, and actually this 15 second model could be used over and over again because God hasn’t just worked one miracle in our hearts, He’s worked countless of miracles.

The key element is found in the middle! It’s not the struggle or the fruit produced that is the emphasis. The beauty is found in the middle … it’s found in Jesus! That’s the common thread between all our stories. Some spoke of meeting Jesus; others said Jesus met them. But in both cases — in all the stories — the difference revolved around JESUS! He has a way of showing up and transforming lives.

Do it again, Lord. ❤️

Here’s my 15 second testimony. I’d really love to hear yours!

There once was a time in my life when I didn’t believe God loved me. Hopelessness pervaded my thoughts and a deep depression filled my soul; all I wanted to do was die.

But then I met Jesus and realized I had been clinging to a lie. God DID love me, and it gave Him great happiness to give me the Kingdom.

And ever since then, my life has never been the same. Jesus transformed my life by changing the way I think; He restored my soul and gave me a new song to sing. Now I want to LIVE to tell others of His amazing love. 

Have you ever heard a story like that? 🎉😊❤️

2 Replies to “15 Second Testimony”

  1. Great 15 second testimony. Mine is a bit longer … but if I speak it at 1.5 or even 1.75, it can get down to 15 seconds.

    And for the record, FU is FURMAN UNIVERSITY!!! In GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA!! Have you ever heard of a college like that?

    Glenn Price (903) 245-4845


  2. Love this. Like an elevator pitch for JESUS! Thank you for to sharing!!! So glad to be journeying together.


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