So What Are You Waiting For?

“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.” (2 Chronicles 20:12b NIV)

Had a praying friend write me last Sunday and say, “I can feel the s.t.r.e.t.c.h.i.n.g!” And boy were her words true. S.T.R.E.T.C.H.I.N.G is absolutely what this week has been for us.

Everyday, we’ve cried out to God, but we’ve also rested in His Word. Audrey has been reading the verse of the day from the YouVersion app each day, and she reflected last night, it’s surprising how each verse has been so relatable to our present situation.

I’m thankful for God’s Word that sustains us. 

Here’s one of the verses she shared with me this week . . . “As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me.” (Micah 7:7)

Yesterday, I listened to a message by Hillsong’s pastor, Brian Houston. He spoke of God being the Rescuer. He challenged his audience to STAY IN HOPE. It was a timely word.

So we continue to wait and pray.

Some who are praying with us have had good questions, so I felt led early this morning to address those questions in an update. Here goes. 😉

Q: What are you needing? 

Well, bottom line, we need a house. We are a family of three + 2 pups. We also now have Molly staying with us for a season. She has been dealing with some health challenges for a few months and has decided to leave Washington. The next steps aren’t clear yet, so she will be living with us for awhile.

We’ve always wanted our home to be a sanctuary for whomever needed to stay with us. Recently, we had a friend thank us for letting her stay with us for a few weeks. She said we were her family during a time of need. We were so blessed by her words. We pray our home will continue to be a safe place for anyone God would send our way. 

Q: How much can you afford? 

This question always causes us to chuckle because miraculously for the past five years we’ve not had a house payment in our budget. Our last two homes in Texas were both unique divine provisions from God. If we look at our monthly income vs. expenses, we don’t have enough monthly support to cover a house payment.

Q: Don’t you get paid at your job? 

In the midst of recently sharing our story, a few were surprised to hear we don’t receive a salary for what we do. For those who don’t already know, no YWAM missionary gets paid. Instead, each missionary forms a team of partners who support them in prayer and finances. We are so thankful for those who have supported our family over the years.

We have regular monthly supporters, and we have those who give periodically as they feel led by the Lord. Both types of gifts have been hugely helpful for us. Our first home in Texas actually came about because a couple felt led by God to buy a home for us to live in for a few years. It’s miracles like these we don’t take lightly! God has been faithful to provide for us as we walk out this call upon our lives to “Go and make disciples.”

Q: What has God been speaking to you regarding a home? 

On May 19th, I read these words in my quiet time: “My daughter, it’s time that I found a permanent home for you, so that you will be provided for.” (Ruth 3:1). Those words quickened my spirit, and I wept that morning at my Father’s feet. And then at the end of May, Richard was moved by Abraham’s story found in Romans 4, “Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping, believing.” We were reminded that God creates new things out of nothing! Habakkuk 2:3 became specific instruction for us, “Though the vision tarries, wait for it, for it will surely come.” Many verses then crossed our path on waiting, trusting, and believing.

Our journals are full of words from the Lord that have sustained us. On June 21st Richard and I read these words: “I have been with you wherever you have gone . . . And I will provide a homeland . . . a secure place where they will never be disturbed . . . and I will give you rest. Furthermore, the Lord declares that He will make a house for you.” (2 Sam. 7:9-11). This passage reminded us of the Ruth passage and encouraged us that God would do it. God would make a home for us. Then last week I read these words from Hosea, “God will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn…” (6:3) These are some of the scriptures God has been speaking.

Q: So how can we pray specifically? 

Richard and I have been reminded of the importance to praise the Lord before the breakthrough. God has a home for us. We have no doubt about that, so we’ve been thanking Him for it.

Pray that our eyes will stay focused upon the Lord. We’ve had a distinct word to wait on the Lord for His direction. When the time comes we trust we will know He’s leading. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying,’This is the way, walk in it!’” (Isaiah 30:21) 

“When the time came to do something, it would be incontestably evident to the one who was to do it.”  (Becoming Elisabeth Elliott) We are praying for God’s leading and equipping to continue championing the next generation with YWAM Tyler. 

Q: When do you need to return To Texas? 

Well we thought we needed to return June 30th, but that day came and went, reminding me of the Proverb that says, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Richard will be teaching in the discipleship training school in Tyler starting next Monday, July 19th. That’s a little over a week away. We’d like to be back by then. 

I hope this is helpful to you as you continue to pray with us. God’s answer is coming. Thank you dear friends for journeying with us! We are so grateful!

“ . . . and I will return them to their home.” (Hosea 11:11) 🤩

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    1. I really feel God’s grace right now. He is literally sustaining us with it. To Him be the glory. Amazing Grace 🌻 Thankful for the many praying for us. We sure do miss the Schapansky family!!! 😁

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