Unearthing Holiness

All throughout the week, our house reverberated the songs from The Greatest Showman thanks to our daughter. Audrey ranted and raved daily about how awesome the movie was. Desperate for us to see it too, she begged us to go. Finally we caved in and went yesterday. As we entered the theater, I was excited in a way I’m typically not when I go to the movies. I’d seen the trailer and liked it, but it was my daughter’s joy that moved me the most. I couldn’t wait to experience this moment with her.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. The cinematography was awesome. The musical score captivating, and the story downright inspiring. That last scene though is the one I’ll hold onto for awhile. As P.T. Barnum sat closely next to his wife, captivated by his girls on the ballet stage, he silently sang the line from the main song which had been sung throughout the movie….This is where you wanna be. It’s everything you ever wantIt’s everything you ever needAnd it’s here right in front of you. With tears in my eyes, I couldn’t help but look around me and thank the Lord. I too could finally say, right here is where I want to be.

2017 wasn’t an easy year. Most of my days ended with me longing to be elsewhere but here, but it wasn’t because of difficult external circumstances; it was all internal. By His grace, God gave me room to sort it all out though. My wrestlings (and there were too many to count) always ended with my broken and contrite heart weeping before Him. Surrendering to God enabled me to get up and do the next thing. I lacked understanding, but I did trust the Lord with all my heart. So, I pressed on. I’m not sure what really triggered the breakthrough. It was actually sort of anti-climatic when I think about it. One day I just woke up seeing things differently and had a sweet peace within. The wrestlings had stopped.

2018 has already been noticeably different. I love working with Richard. We’re starting each day with prayer, and often ending it in prayer too. We recognize the tasks we’ve been appointed to do here are far greater than our own abilities, yet that’s a good thing honestly. We’re very dependent on our Lord each and every day. For the most part, I’m enjoying the work of my hands. No, it’s not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but actually it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m no longer worrying about that. God knows the desires of my heart. I can trust Him with those dreams. I’m just so thankful to have peace doing what God wants me doing right now. If this will make a difference in His Kingdom than I’m all in!!

This past Friday we opened our home to our fellow teammates to begin the Godspeed study together. Eugene Peterson says in the study, there is “no place without the potential for unearthing holiness.” No place without potential!!! That’s powerful. His words cut to the core of my being. I didn’t see the potential here for a long time, but now I am, and I’m so thankful. Perspective really is everything. We need the Lord to help us see things like He does.

I’ve been challenged to the very core of my being as of late to believe God, and that belief has to play itself out in every area of my life — my words, my actions, and even my thoughts!  When our bank account is low, I need to believe God’s promise to care for our needs. When there’s no open door for Audrey’s citizenship to be finalized, I must believe God’s word given to me years ago that He’d see it through to the end. When I’m not understanding why things are the way they are, it’s vitally important I believe God sees what I don’t and knows what’s best for us. When I’m burdened for others, my prayers need to be infused with belief in God’s power to rescue, heal, and transform. When I can’t do something because I don’t know how or what to do, I can believe God’s promise to equip me with all that I need in that moment. Belief manifests itself in so many ways, and in each situation I want to be found believing God! In my car, I’ve taped this declaration to the dash to keep me focused: “With God, all things are possible!” Faith moves mountains, so I’m raising my faith-shield high!

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.    St. Augustine

Thank you dear friends for continuing to partner with us. Your prayers, encouraging words, and financial support have lifted us up in more ways than you’ll ever know. I really love sharing stories of how God is at work in our lives here because we believe there’s a divine connection in these victories to each one of you!  Today I read these convicting words that sums it up best, I think.

Together, we can accomplish something far greater than we could ever accomplish alone. It’s a collaboration in which both parties has something to give and something to receive. A spiritual exercise rooted in relationship for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.” (from The Giver and the Gift”)

To God be the glory 🙂 We love you all so much.



Audrey’s playing basketball this year. These are her junior-high teammates!  It was so fun to watch Audrey play. She scored 3 points in her first game.

4 Replies to “Unearthing Holiness”

  1. Amy, meeting you in that elevator years ago has been one of the most meaningful moments of my life. Reading your words, reading Richard’s words, has guided me through some very difficult days over the years. Your prayers and our connection have been a silent strength for me. God had his hand on our families that fateful day in Thailand. This message will reverberate with me not just today but many days to come. I am planning on forwarding it to my husband, my children, family members and friends. Tell Audrey I was “on the fence” about seeing this movie. Now, not only will I go see it, but I will take my grandchildren to see it.
    May God continue to bless you and your family – Always, Kathy

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  2. I love you, Kathy. Your friendship over the years has meant so much to me. Thank you for your sweet words here. I often thank the Lord for the day we met in that elevator 🙂

    The theme laced throughout to not judge people based on size, class, skin color, scars, and deformities is a powerful one I think. The people society sees as freaks are people who have value. All people do and we live in a time when we need that reminder. I’m glad some movies are communicating that right now. If you didn’t see Wonder in theater with your grandkids I really encourage you to rent it on DVD and have them over to watch. That was another really good one 🙂 Love you so much.


  3. Hi Amy! What an inspirational blog, so transparent!!! I read it out loud to Darryll. I am forwarding it to each and every prayer team member! Thank you for your honesty. It was like it drew back a curtain and allowed me to have a too seldom glimpse of Jesus at work in His saints!!! I love you! We pray for you! And we are here if you need us for anything. And as you so aptly put it! I KNOW that you are there for us too! Many blessings on this year 2018 for us all!

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