Get a load of this!

I couldn’t be happier.

Amy and I had our first week working hand-in-hand with a new team this week. There’s one word to describe my thoughts – Amazing.

Not just because she is amazing, but there is something special for us working together. You’ve heard it said, “There’s power in numbers.” Well, when you think about it, in order to increase exponentially, one must start with the power of “2.”

Significant changes are happening on our campus right now, and we want you to be in prayer with us. There is one thing we have learned over our years of ministry, unless God puts His hand on our work, it’s not going anywhere.

The team has grown.

Beginning our first day back from Christmas break, we reorganized the office space to include a current team of 12 and soon to be 14 in March. This group is made mostly of 20-somethings who are super passionate about missions. They have joined the advancement team to help YWAM Tyler mobilize hundreds more into missions in 2018.

Some of the new team featured from left to right: Allison, Jordon, Katy, Emily, Taylor, Me and Amy (Sophie our office mascot), Faith, and Anthony

Each week we gather this group together to dream, plan, and execute new strategies to reach out to young people, families, and older adults interested in missionary training. If you didn’t know this, YWAM’s Discipleship Training School is strategically designed for two things:

One – to develop a clear understanding of Christ’s love. Students dive deep into God’s truths and come up transformed. Two – to go out to the world to welcome others into God’s family through evangelism and service. This simple two-step process, over a 5-month period, changes lives forever.

How are we reaching out?

We are encouraged from this passage in Psalm 96:3, “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” The stories we are publishing at YWAM Tyler are really awesome. It’s an honor to be a part of declaring His deeds to the nations. We publish blogs, videos, photos, and stories every week. Consider subscribing to our YWAM Tyler blog and even sharing these stories with others on social media.

A young girl shared with a friend how God was tugging at her heart for missions. Later that same day, one of our missionary training stories caught her attention on Facebook. One of our brand new team members reached out to her in a phone call, and after encouraging her and praying with her, this young lady is now excited about jumping into training school here at YWAM Tyler.

You can be a part of this movement.

Look around your personal circle of friends, and no doubt, there is someone you know who’d benefit from immersing themselves in a five month, in depth, training program like this. Invite them to talk to us and get a better understanding of some amazing opportunities. Copy this link and email it to someone: YWAM Tyler DTS Experience.

We have set a goal to see 200 students come for training in our DTS program in 2018.

Will you stand in prayer with us, believing for this increase?

How can you pray?

  1. God would bring the increase in advancing His Kingdom.
  2. God would give us creativity in writing and publishing His glorious deeds on social media.
  3. We could nurture and disciple interested students over the phone and by email.
  4. Amy and I could inspire and disciple the team as they each are following Jesus.

There are unreached people groups around the world we must get to. People in our own backyard of the USA haven’t heard the Gospel. Young people need to hear God’s call and purpose for their lives. This is why we are doing what we are doing.

Your prayers and support are vital to growth. As we partner together, we will see God’s Kingdom advance. Thank you to all who are behind us. You are an intricate part of this initiative too. Your helping us to be full-time missionaries here with YWAM Tyler is influencing hundreds of new missionaries in 2018.

We love you.







Not partnering with us? Learn how you can be!

  • Amy’s latest blog post from our Bible Reading Blog, will encourage you as well. Be of Good Cheer and Believe God. 
  • Follow all YWAM Tyler’s stories, live feeds, and missionary adventures by liking and following them on Facebook.

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