Making a Difference

IMG_6753.JPGLook at how God is moving in our midst:

“My heart is softened, and I find it hard to be bitter about anything now.”

“To become the person God intends on me being, I needed to forgive.”

“I didn’t realize how much I hung in rejection until we went over this in class.”

“It felt good to be able to talk to someone about things from my past no one ever knew about, all my past hurts and habits that needed to come out. God has changed the way I look at my life now.”

“I thought forgiveness had to do with forgiving others, but I realized I also need to forgive myself.”

“I’ve been searching for the wrong things to fill the hole instead of filling it with God.”

Can I get an AMEN?! Wow! God is good. I am privileged to be able to staff the current Discipleship Training School. Working with young people from Columbia, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, and the USA is so fun and rewarding in many ways. Recently, the students had to do a creative expression project, and the testimonies above came from this assignment. God is moving in our midst, transforming lives! This is exciting, and I am so thankful to be part of this school!

For all who partner with us through prayer and financial support, look at how YOU also are impacting lives!!  I really hope this blesses you as it has me. Sometimes, it’s hard to see how our everyday tasks really make a difference in the Kingdom. When I’m grading papers, doing dorm room checks, cleaning up the classroom coffee station, or typing out lecture notes each day, it’s hard to see such deeds as significant. Then, I read these testimonies or hear students share in a one-on-one time with me about how this school is impacting their lives, and I know it all matters. Everything we do is spiritual and has influence on others. All is for the glory of God.


Every time you pray for our family and the work of our hands we’re engaging in, YOU are blessing not only us but every single person we interact with. When you give to equip us to continue in ministry here, YOU are fulfilling the gospel call to make disciples. Praise the Lord! Thank you dear friends for partnering with us. We want you to know YOU are making a difference! ~ Amy


I believe everything matters! Do you believe this? – Really believe it? Would this thought change the way you do your daily tasks?

Lately, I have found myself looking at my phone or computer trying to think about ways of capturing a special moment on our campus to share with the world. At times, it honestly seems trifle and insignificant, and many times borderline wasteful. I even get disgruntled if I start thinking about the possibilities of no one ever seeing anything I produce, but then there is Zema.

She contacted me through one of our social media sites a few months ago, and after my initial conversation with her, our staff helped tumblr_m5c0d8ufzu1rvztibo1_500nurture her through huge decisions, visas, and expenses. Leaving Zambia to travel to the USA isn’t cheap or easy, but she will be arriving to attend our Discipleship Training School this summer.

Communicating around the world is a lot easier then it used it be back when I was a child. When my father traveled to Ireland and Argentina on business trips, we could hardly hear his voice through the static of the wired phone call from him. Now with Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp, talking and sharing with someone in Zambia is as clear as a bell.

For Zema, this is just the beginning of her journey, but every inspiring photo she’s seen to every word she’s read has mattered in her decision to follow Jesus in this adventure of her life. None of our efforts have been in vain. Everything has mattered.

I’m so thankful God sees the little things we do for Him and honors them with inspiration and life towards other people.

None of us are disconnected from what God is doing among the nations if we faithfully obey Him. Every prayer made, every dollar given, every note written, every text sent, has encouraged us to keep doing what God has called us to, and together we are making a difference.

Everything matters. I hope you will believe this today. ~ Richard

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