I Can’t Believe This Is It?

Well, the time has come, and tomorrow we head out to begin our trip to Wilmore, Kentucky. It’s a miracle, too, how everything has unfolded, and we are holding on to hope for another big miracle to follow.

Earlier this week, we had a bit of a financial crisis. An unexpected bill got dropped in our lap that we hadn’t planned for. It was my error, a misunderstanding of a statement. I won’t lie, I panicked… internally. I felt an overwhelming sense of discouragement and fear. We don’t have any reserves when an emergency arises. All Richard and I knew to do was voice words from a scripture we’ve been praying all summer….”We are powerless…we do not know what to do, but we are looking to You for help” (2 Chronicles 20:12). I can’t tell you how many times we’ve prayed that scripture this summer.

We solicited prayer from a couple people. We were weary and feeling very pressed to the max. We needed the support of faithful prayer partners. I always view prayer partners to be like Aaron and Hur, who held up Moses’ arms in the battle when he was growing tired. It’s been a challenging summer… period. But this unexpected bill felt like a punch in the gut. What were we going to do?

Almost immediately after asking two people to join us in praying, funds started coming in. We were shocked, honestly. We were able to pay the bill we owed, as well as take care of another bill we needed to pay. But it didn’t stop there. We also were given more money specifically for our travel expenses. We were speechless, and oh so grateful. 

Audrey has had many miracles in her story. Like A LOT! Specifically in relation to going to Asbury… she didn’t want to go to Asbury. She enjoyed the film camp at the university last summer, but the school was small and in the middle of nowhere. She had her sights set on NYU or UCLA. Weren’t they the more reputable film schools? Anytime Richard or I would try to talk to Audrey about these other schools, she would tear up and there would be tension between us. Finally, God impressed upon my heart to let it go and trust Him. So we did. We prayed, and we trusted God to guide Audrey in this decision. 

And boy did He ever! After some time and an evening out with an old friend from her YWAM summer program (SST), she came to us and shared she believed she was to go Asbury. We tried to stay cool and collected, but internally we were doing somersaults. She proceeded to share how God had encouraged her. And the decision was made. Last fall, Audrey applied to Asbury, with confidence that this was the school God had her going to. She chose not to apply anywhere else either. This is how convinced she was.

As a result of her hard work in high school, she was invited to participate in a scholarship competition that the school offered. Audrey worked diligently on her presentation. Hours were put into it while she was also hard at work with her senior classwork. Out of 100+ young people who entered the competition, Audrey was one of the twenty who won and received a 75% tuition scholarship towards her 4-year tuition. It totals almost $100,000 over the four years— quite a tremendous blessing. Audrey also got invited to apply for the honors program. After writing another essay and participating in an interview, she was invited to join that program too, receiving more scholarship money. 

When the miracle of Audrey’s green card happened, it was very timely. It opened the door to some grant money to put towards the final bill, and it opened up some loan money to help as well. Audrey has strongly desired to go to school with as little debt as possible. She did apply to a couple other scholarships, but nothing came of those. 

As you know, private universities are expensive. When it’s all said and done, Audrey still owes almost $3900 for this semester. The same will probably be true next semester too. But for now we are just looking at what is due in front of us. 

”We are powerless…we do not know what to do, but we are looking to You for help.” (2 Chronicles 20:12)

We’ve spent a lot of time praying, and a lot has come together for Audrey to take this step. People gave Audrey specific funds for dorm supplies. She was able to purchase all the basic needs for her dorm room. Funds came in for her textbooks. We found them all used online. She literally has been equipped with everything but this remaining amount of tuition. 

After praying and processing all that God has said and done in this journey, we have peace to head out tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen when we get there but we know we are to go. I awoke this morning with this phrase from a Bible story in my head…”As they were walking, they were healed.” I thought, is that You, God? I didn’t hear a booming “Yes,” but I had peace and that phrase remained in my heart all day.

I’ve been very moved by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s story recently, specifically their response to the King when they were told to bow to his golden image: “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, Your Majesty. But even if he doesn’t, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.”

Wow. It moves me to tears again as I type this passage out. They were convinced God could save them. They believed He would rescue. But it’s this phrase that gets me: ”But even if He doesn’t… we will never serve your gods.” 

Even if He doesn’t. They knew He could, and they believed He would, but if He didn’t, it was okay. They were never going to serve another. NEVER! Wow. Such conviction and fortitude. They were all in with God. No turning back. No giving up. No quitting…no matter how hot the fire raged. They didn’t even need to know the end result to obey.

Man that moves me!

As the story goes, God did rescue them in a powerful way. Not only were they in that fire walking around unburnt, but there was another with them… “a son of the gods,” Nebuchadnezzar described. Could that fourth one be Jesus? 😊 I like to think Jesus met them in that moment and danced with them in the flames. What an amazing image that paints in my mind. 

So we are going tomorrow with peace that Jesus is going with us. I don’t have an expectation other than God can, He will, and even if He doesn’t, we are still all-in. God is faithful.

“The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Maybe some of you are wondering how Audrey is doing in all of this. She has peace. 😊 We are amazed at the peace that is in her. This week, Audrey has been diligently getting ready and hasn’t blinked an eye at what’s needed. She’s prayed with us throughout the week too. She inspires me.

To God be the glory! 

Thank you, dear friends, for praying with us and for giving sacrificially. When God called us into missions, He didn’t promise easy, but He did promise that we wouldn’t be alone. He would be with us every step of the way. I think He also knew people would be walking with us (holding up our arms) as well. YOU guys are a gift to us. Partnering with each of you really is quite special. We are thankful. 🌻

I have a lot to learn about Jesus being present and dancing with me in the fire. I still get very easily shaken. But I long to know God more. Let’s keep learning together.

10 Replies to “I Can’t Believe This Is It?”

  1. I am so proud of you all. It is an HONOR to see the way you place your trust in Jesus, come what may.

    I love that about you.

    Keep running after Jesus; He is the Prize worth fighting for!

    Godspeed and safe travels!

    Glenn Price (903) 245-4845

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  2. “ So we are going tomorrow with peace that Jesus is going with us. I don’t have an expectation other than God can, He will, and even if He doesn’t, we are still all-in. God is faithful.” What an inspiring posture!

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  3. Wow! God is so good! He continues to show himself faithful to his children in so many ways! I know he will continue to provide above and beyond all you need. We love you guys and will be praying for you!❤️

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  4. “Delight yourself in the LORD,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
    Commit your way to the LORD;
    trust in him, and he will act.”
    -Psalm 37:4-5

    God is with you…always.

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  5. Thank you for encouraging us by sharing how God has shown up in your lives! So very excited about this new season for Audrey! We love you all!


  6. Interesting to note that God didn’t keep them out of the furnace. He went into WITH them.
    Wonderful testimony! Thanks for sharing it!


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