It’s a New Day.

After attending the Global Leadership Summit this past week, we are pumped up. Something about this yearly conference absolutely energizes us to see past what is and push towards what could be.

That’s the inspiration that always happens. However, something deeper happened in our hearts I’ll briefly share with you.

There was an over-arching theme at the Summit of redefining “failure.” Like drinking from a firehose, presenter after presenter doused us with the truth about what failure is really all about. One speaker in particular grabbed my heart.

Erwin McManus shared on the subject of fear and its debilitating force in our lives. I put on a good front of being a risk taker and full of faith, but my heart is still reluctant in a few areas where fear outlines the extent of my life’s pursuits.

Fear of failing again, fear of other’s peoples view, fear of incompetence are just a few battles I’m determined to war against. I’m convinced as McManus said, “Freedom is on the other side of your fear.”


We are dreaming once again and pursuing how God wants us to engage with problems the church and world is facing.

It’s a new day!


What happens during a Discipleship Training School can simply be summed up in one word — Transformational. Watching the growth Emily is experiencing both spiritually and as a person is incredible.

I had the honor of baptizing Emily, along with her school one-on-one. What a special moment!
It’s such a beautiful thing to see our girls encouraging each other!

Emily’s outreach is beginning soon. Would you consider partnering with her in prayer and support.? She is roughly $800 short of her needed outreach money. The first leg of her trip is ministry to church groups, colleges, and communities in the U.S. through drama, story, and song. Then they will be off to Morelia, Mexico to serve the least reached people in Mexico. Email Amy to get more information how to help.

Emily’s school on a special outreach in Tyler.

A unique privilege for Emily’s DTS is that they will be leading and serving at Together 2018. This conference, held at the Texas Motor Speedway, will gather followers of Jesus from around the country for prayer, worship, and training. The opportunity to serve the estimated 500,000 people gathered here is unprecedented. Everyone of you reading this is invited.

October 20-21 is the main event, but come early to engage with YWAM Tyler on Friday night the 19th as we kick off this conference with a one of kind rally! Click on this link to get all the details: Together Generation 2018

If you’ve been praying for Audrey and her immigration status we’ve got an update for you. A few weeks ago we met with the Catholic Charities Immigration Service of Fort Worth and received some of the best help we’ve had in a very long time.

This Thursday, 8/16 at 8:30, we will be there most of the day filling out the mile high paperwork to begin the very long process we need to begin. Pray we have all the information and the right information needed to make this a smooth process.


If you haven’t had a chance to read the blog Audrey wrote for YWAM Tyler and her SST experience, please read how this summer impacted her life. You’ll be so glad you did! Thanks again to ALL who supported her through financial gifts and prayer!

The School of Fresh Promises Changed My Life

Christian Heritage School is about to get the new school year cranked up, and Amy is teaching a writing class this year to 32 students twice a week. 😲 What an incredible opportunity to impart this skill of communication to these students. And guess what? One of her students is Audrey! 😉


Teaching is one of our passions, and what we teach doesn’t quite matter, for it speaks our heart language. The DTS this year offered some electives, one of which was on the topic of Information Technology [IT]. I was privileged to get to share about online communications with a small portion of these students who desire to use technology to advance God’s kingdom.


As we are praying and seeking the Lord, we value each of you who are standing with us and supporting us. I would venture to say, what we do as missionaries with YWAM would be impossible without you. If you’d like to join our support team, you can do that here: PARTNERSHIPS

We are seeing huge increases in people who are desiring to go deeper with God through our efforts at YWAM Tyler. Our office has a truly unique experience to begin discipling people from all over the world even before they take a step on our campus. Pray we can reach out to more people than ever and our Fall DTS would be filled with young and old seeking after God’s heart for their lives.

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