Filled with Joy (and Panacea Coffee!)

At four in the morning, Molly-girl drove off with her dad, while Audrey and I watched from the front porch. As the packed-out white Hyundai pulled out onto the hushed unlit road, we prayed for safe travel and God’s peace to guide them onward. Some have asked me if I’m sad she’s leaving. I always answer it with a “yes and no” response. Undoubtedly, she will be missed. Her presence ignites any atmosphere she walks into, and her energy (not to mention her volume!) makes for lively interaction. We’ve all agreed our home won’t be the same with her gone. Audrey fears we’ll be way too boring now!

I am happy though for her, so sadness cannot linger. Molly’s onto new adventures with the Lord. She gets a chance to engage in something she loves and begin a new chapter in her life. How could I not be thrilled for her?! It was a joy to sit around the table last night and speak encouraging words over her. Then finally we ended the night by praying. With her head on my lap and my hand stroking her hair, I asked Jesus to take care of my girl. With God’s help, she has overcome a lot in this life. I know He’s going to be with her every step of the way!!! Shine on, sweet Molly!


Yesterday, I got to go on a fun field trip with Audrey and her fellow classmates to walk-thru a local ministry called Mercy Ships. The early days of Mercy Ships started under YWAM, but due to the expansive growth that unfolded, they later formed their own organization. The focus of Mercy Ships is free medical care and training in impoverished areas, and over the past 35 years, the ministry has multiplied from one ship to three! It was quite a joy to see upfront how God has worked in and through this organization. Go check it out on their website if you’d like:


We went to the annual Texas Rose Parade last weekend. Interestingly, this particular festival has been going on in Tyler, Texas for the last 84 years. We got to walk through the rose garden and see some amazing roses. This little gem of land is right in the center of town, hidden amongst neighborhoods and businesses. I love God’s handiwork on display! We learned some things about our community, simply by watching the parade. It was fun. I especially enjoyed the heartfelt conversation with Audrey. She has a keen eye and her observations are insightful. I learn from listening to her. What a great day!


I have found my days filled with joy this week. Maybe it’s because I’m being more intentional to LOOK UP. Perspective really is everything. I was reminded of that this week, when I listened to Kyle give an awesome talk on this subject matter for a company event he attended in NYC. Time isn’t slowing down. Making the most of our days with the beautiful people God’s put in our life really does matter.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for your support. We always love to hear from you guys too. Just this week a dear friend sent us some much loved Panacea Tanzania Peaberry Coffee. Now that I think of it, that must be why my days have been full of joy!!! Each one got started off with the right cup of joe 🙂  Thanks Julie!

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just a few weeks away. Honestly, I can’t wait. We’re thrilled to have days marked on our calendar for visits from our parents in November, and we’re ecstatic about seeing all our precious kids over Christmas break. I’ve already started listening to Christmas music! Here’s a great song, “Seasons”, off of Hillsong Worship’s new Christmas Album, The Peace Project. The lyrics have grabbed hold of my heart.

From seed to sequoia, God is good!


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