I Don’t Want to Compromise

I knew when I closed the last page of Melody Green’s book on the life of her husband the late Keith Green, I couldn’t live the same anymore. During the late 90’s, Amy and I were gobbling up biographies and autobiographies of some great people of the faith, and it was changing everything. Keith Green was one of them.

We were challenged to take radical steps of obedience, hold prayer meetings with no agenda, and open our home to … anyone, all because we simply loved Jesus. Keith was radical, but it wasn’t because he was on some Jesus high during the Jesus movement in the 70s. Keith deeply loved the Lord.

Recently a friend asked me, “What would you say is Keith Green’s lasting legacy?” I posed the question to Amy as well and she said, “Keith was passionate about following Jesus without compromise and exhorted the church to do the same. He was compelled by the love of God. And he loved Jesus profoundly. He didn’t want to compromise in any way shape or form.”

It’s been 20 years now since I closed the back cover and shelved that book, but I haven’t shelved what inspired me back then. Jesus called Amy and I to walk a path of radical obedience to Him. Sometimes the road feels lonely. This path of reckless abandonment has been paved with many challenges. However, we just can’t quit. In the words of Eugene Peterson, it’s a “long obedience in the same direction.”

In less than 2 weeks Melody Green will be at our campus sharing one of Keith’s life messages. They used to live just down the street from us. People could see the smoke from where his plane went down from our campus. The small church cemetery where Keith’s body lies is minutes away. Keith had a major influence in our mission here at YWAM.

I’m imagining the room will be filled to occupancy. There will be the old friends honoring the last 40 years of Keith’s homegoing, but there will be a new group standing and listening to a song and message which inspired thousands before. My prayer is they will catch the vision of falling so deeply in love with Jesus, they can never go back to normal. They will be the next Jesus People to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I want to help them get there.

You may need to pick up a copy of No Compromise, if you’ve not read it. Read with caution. You’re life may not look the same aftward.

You can come to the event in person or watch the livestream. Register here.

A couple weeks ago I drove one of the 3 vans filled with teenagers to Chanute KS. Our summer teen missions program has students from all over the country experiencing knowing God and learning how to make Him known. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Last week I was invited to speak in the Discipleship Training School on the topic of Lordship / Surrender. The 28 students were ages 18-60+ and were eager to grow in their faith. Every time I teach this to others, I myself am challenged. Something always seems to happen that requires me to literally walk out what I’m teaching. Remember “The Hill of Doom?” This year I’m not about to wreck the new car, but we are being stretched in different ways. Amy was planning on joining me the whole week to teach, something we’ve always wanted to do together. However, she’s been really sick, so we had to surrender to God’s plan for the week.

Texas is in a major drought right now, and our income support is a dry riverbed too. Living as a missionary on the support from God’s people has its challenges, but He who called us is faithful. It’s another area of surrender we are walking out right now. Just as I told the students, “God isn’t withholding anything good from us; we can trust Him.” If I’m going to teach it, I have to believe it and live it myself.

Our family has committed ourselves to radical obedience — to follow Jesus, love Him, and exhort others to do so. He can be trusted.

In one month we drive to Wilmore KY for Audrey’s new chapter in life. She’s pursuing film as a career, and she will also be playing soccer on the women’s team. Our prayer is that above all she will embrace Jesus and all that He has for her. I’m excited for this community she will be a part of. Her class is called the Restored Class of 2026 from Psalm 51:12, Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you. I love that. She still needs funds to cover this first year of college expenses. We are asking the Lord to finish what He has started. He’s already provided so much, and we are thankful. Audrey turns 18 tomorrow. 18! Wow. Where have the years gone? She is so special!

Amy is getting ready to teach and train the next generation of leaders at Christian Heritage School. Hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. We had hoped to do a little travel over the summer before Audrey headed to college, but nothing panned out. Inflation has many staying close to home. So Amy dug her heels into helping in different ways on the campus in some small areas, intentionally reaching out to different ones. Sometimes people just need to know someone cares. Amy has been sick for the last 10 days though, which has kept her tucked away at home. We’ve canceled different things to focus on getting her well. Please pray she will recover soon and be ready to step into another year of teaching at CHS.

Thanks for journeying with us. Let’s set our hearts to following Jesus no matter what.

No compromise.

No turning back.

2 Replies to “I Don’t Want to Compromise”

  1. This update is excellent. Your resilience in this dry season is Inspiring! We are praying for rain- abundant provision and healing.


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  2. Though we seldom write and our financial resources are directed elsewhere, we are so thankful for you…as friends, friends connected deeply to our family, former mentors at the Vine, etc….And we are inspired by your lives, your words and labors for the Lord shared in so many ways. Your love for Him and for others,,,those who believe and those who yet to be drawn into His gracious Kingdom. So bless you bunches…each of you, and Audrey now as she launches into a new God directed live at Asbury. We love ou, Joseph and Mary


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