Ever Feel Like Quitting?

“This may seem impossible to you now…but is it impossible for me? says the Lord of Heaven’s armies … Be strong and finish the task!” (Zephaniah 8:6, 9)

Ever feel like quitting?

Ever look ahead and think, I don’t have the strength to climb that  mountain, Lord?

Ever wonder how in the world God can work it for good?

Well, I have. 

It’s been one of those seasons for me, and I’m thankful God is present in the hard places.

Two days ago, I read the passage above. I stopped and soaked in God’s Word … Be strong, Amy. You may think what you’re facing is impossible, but it’s not for Me. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop hoping. Don’t give up. With Me, you got this. No matter what you see before you, trust Me.

I’ve been giving some thought to “impossible” moments in the Bible. One today came to mind of Martha and Mary. These grief-stricken ladies were facing an insurmountable mountain. How would they do life without their brother? If only Jesus had shown up earlier, Lazarus would still be alive. Why didn’t he come? They just knew he’d come. But he didn’t, and 4 days … 4 LONG days pass full of weeping and heartache. How would they possibly make it without their brother now?

Jesus did end up coming. It just wasn’t when they thought He would. God had something else in mind. Something more glorious. I can picture that moment in my head when Jesus looked Martha in the eye and said, 
“Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” 
We all know how that story goes. Lazarus steps out of the grave! “Impossible!”

Oh Lord, nothing … absolutely NOTHING is impossible for you! 

With school starting back, our lives have been on full-speed. I’m still trying to get into a steady rhythm. Here’s a couple things to update you on because we need your prayers!

We received a letter in the mail from USCIS, which is the U.S. immigration department. They are looking at Audrey’s papers now. That’s exciting news!!! However, they need more evidence. That’s scary news!!!

We have read the letter they sent us multiple times and can’t really decipher exactly what they want. I feel like I’m reading another language honestly. Thankfully Catholic Charities, who helped us file the original paperwork in 2018 called us and asked if they could help us. They too received this letter from the government and reached out to us. I was shocked. Praise the Lord!!!

So we go September 9th for a meeting to try and understand what “evidence” they are asking us to supply. We have until October 16th to provide what they need. Please pray for us. May God give us wisdom as well as provision for all that’s needed to settle this. 

Some of you are wondering how things are going with our housing. We are settled in a a small apartment on the school campus for a season. It’s quaint. We have sweet neighbors. Our living room turns into a dining room when we eat. We can’t complain. It’s home for now and we’re thankful.

But every time I walk into our storage room, I am reminded that so much of our life and memories are in boxes. Where will this stuff end up? O Lord, You know. For now, I find rest in this truth. He knows. We do believe God has something in store for us, and we wait for His guidance. Please continue to pray for us. 

These two points above have been bathed with much prayer. You guys have stood with us for years actually, calling out to God with us. “Thank you” just doesn’t even come close to expressing how very grateful we are.

Each one of you are like “Aaron and Hur” in our lives, holding our arms up so we don’t grow weary and quit. 

Nothing is impossible, dear friends. 

What impossible story in the Bible stands out to you today? I’d love to hear. It just might be the food for my soul that I need to read today 😋

You are loved!


5 Replies to “Ever Feel Like Quitting?”

  1. The “Impossible” story that comes to mind this morning for me is when the three Hebrews refused to bow before the idol statute and as a result were thrown into a furnace heated 7 times more than usual. And what happened? Rather than being burned … there were FOUR people in the fire! And when they came out, there wasn’t even a smell of smoke on them anywhere. When we are willing to make a stand for God, He will be with us. What unspeakable treasure this is!


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    1. I love this Glenn. Thank you for sharing. They came out without even a smell of smoke on them…Impossible! 🤩 Such an encouraging story. Asking the Lord now to give me the fortitude to stand for Him no matter how hot the fire might look in front of me. So thankful for His presence in our lives! Christ is mighty in you, Glenn!


  2. Always following you guys online as you work for the Lord. I pray you are able to get papers finalized and the evidence they are asking for is revealed to you or the Catholic organization. I pray for you both as servants working and teaching daily. May your quaint home be one that is blessed and full of joy. Material things in the end, become just things. Memories are what live on in your mind. I have few items that have followed me as I have moved from place to place, but the memories are what I have kept close to heart. You two are part of my special memories I hold dear. God Bless you both!

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    1. I’m so thankful we don’t need material things to remember 😁 God is good and He has honestly given me a sweet peace here. I’m not looking anxiously for the next thing unable to enjoy where I’m at. That’s God’s grace. He is so kind. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You hold a special place in my Pam!!! I did unbox that coffee mug and love drinking from it ❤️❤️ Christ is mighty in you dear friend.


  3. Love sent your way. We will believe in agreement with you to these two prayers. God has you right now where you need to be.
    Wow 5 yrs has come so fast since I seen you both in person it seems like yesterday. Nothing is impossible for God he has endless possibilities. Stand your ground don’t let up put the pressure on the enemy by worshipping and praising God.😊💖


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