Educating Minds and Discipling Hearts

It had been a long day … well actually a long couple of weeks! As I laid in the bed staring at the ceiling, listening to teenage boys conversing loudly in the room above us, I found myself thinking, this is more than I signed up for as a teacher!  😂

Actually, I didn’t choose to be a teacher. God chose me. I can remember the day He told me He had teaching in my future. I was terrified at the thought. Oh Lord, please don’t ask me to do that! But He did, and I have been doing it in places all over the world for many years now, and I LOVE IT!

CHS held an Open House and I shared with perspective parents about our philosophy of education.

As the High School Vice Principal, I have been coordinating the Junior / Senior Class Trip, and we’ve been doing some fundraisers to help the teens have the money they need.

Long hours of planning and coordinating have kept me busy. I won’t lie; there’s been a few moments I’ve felt overwhelmed and stressed, thinking to myself I can’t keep up with this pace. It’s too much. But the Lord is faithful, and His mercies are new every morning. I’ve had to apologize on a couple occasions to Richard for grumbling. I’ve also had to apologize to the Lord.

Right now I’m reading through through the book of Numbers, and it’s convicting. On multiple occasions the Israelites would grumble, and God didn’t treat that lightly. Yet time and time again God would end up exhibiting grace. He never gave up on this hard-hearted bunch. Unbelief never went unchecked. God met it with discipline and unending love and grace. 

Needless to say we were thrilled when the Yard Sale was over and we could put our house back in order.

I love championing young people. I’m called to educate minds, disciple hearts, and develop character, which doesn’t just happen in the classroom during school hours. It happens while blowing up balloons for a taco dinner. It happens late at night while organizing junk for the next morning’s yard sale. It happens at a birthday celebration for a beautiful young lady who wanted to include me in her party, and yes, it happens also in the classroom.

Earlier this week, in English Literature class, we had just read an intense dialogue in our literature book Ivanhoe, revealing the grievous internal pain of shame and guilt. The reading led to an unplanned discussion with the students. A few tears were seen as I shared God’s Word and truth with the students. It was quite a holy moment, honestly. I could feel the presence of the Lord and His leading this time. I ended in prayer, and then it was time to dismiss the students to their next class. Afterwards, a few students came to me and thanked me. It was special.  

Above: One of my Hispanic students invited our family to her Quinceañera. It was so much fun learning about their culture.
Middle: The Open House Welcome team consisting of students I teach every day. Below: Audrey and her CHS “Space for the Spirit” worship team at practice.

I love my job! I’m thankful God knew long before I did that I would find joy in this journey of discipling youth. I’m thankful I get to do it everyday at Christian Heritage School. And I’m thankful for all of you who support me to be able to do it. God is good.

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  1. What a wonderful glimpse into the life of one called to disciple youth. We are honored to be called alongside you and Richard.


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