A Pandemic Can’t Stop Discipleship

I don’t know if I just love to hear myself talk or what, but I love to teach, preach, and share anywhere with anyone. It’s one of those things when I step back I can say, “I could do that for the rest of my life!”

I remember Erwin McManus saying when an opportunity comes your way to engage in your calling and passions, don’t opt out! I’ve never forgotten his words.

On Friday before the Monday I was to begin our week long time teaching on “Lordship” with our Fall DTS, several on our campus were diagnosed Covid+, and the classroom became a Zoom call.

If you know me, you know I love illustrations, being physically animated, and keeping people participating. Going from in person to “facetime” wasn’t only scary, I honestly didn’t think I could do. Each day before the online class began, Amy and Audrey prayed for me, and by Friday I realized it had been a really great week.

richard and amy fish zoom call ywam tyler discipleship training school
This is what my teaching experience looked like. Would you pray for these students? Pray they will stay healthy and get all God has for them during this discipleship experience.

Did you catch the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Compact event on November 21st? You wouldn’t have heard about it from mainstream media platforms because this event, like most other national events, was canceled.

However, in the current climate of our nation, there couldn’t be a better time to reflect and remember why America exists. I don’t remember reading what’s in this original covenant when I was in school. It could be I wasn’t paying attention, which is a high possibility. I’m sure glad I know now. It’s powerful.

With a recreation of the interior of the Mayflower in tow, one of our campus leaders Chris Lascelles, who wrote 2020 Vision for America, headed to Plymouth, Massachussets with a small team to broadcast a livestream of this 400th anniversary. It was actually a great experience promoting this event

You can learn about the event and watch the broadcast here: http://www.2020vfa.com or on Facebook.

richard and amy fish mayflower compact ywam tyler discipleship training school
Left: Ron Moyer, long time YWAM Tyler staff, who works in our Strategic Frontiers office and leads our School of Strategic Mission. Right: Chris Lascelles, campus leader, author of 2020 Vision for America, who created the event celebrated on November 21st.
richard and amy fish advancement team ywam tyler discipleship training school
Here’s a few of our team stuffing campus newsletters with a story I’ve included below. It’s a great team. And yes, that is a full size cut-out of John Wayne!

I’ve often wished the stories and people I get to hear and hang with could be shared with you all. So much of what is happening in the nations and the movement of the Gospel isn’t shared because of the safety of our friends working abroad. Our communications team finally finished our end of the year letter from our director Leland Paris. Here’s a story I hope will encourage you. God is winning in the nations.

“Peter was only a few months old when his father was murdered. Then at the age of three, his mother died of malnutrition, while trying to care and provide for her children. Peter was alone and, consequently, placed in an orphanage. The jungle region in Bangladesh, where he lived, is very remote and has no running water or electricity.

“Through a series of miraculous events, Peter came to Christ and ended up in America, where he did his Discipleship Training School (DTS) with us. As he faithfully served with our ministry, his heart was continually burdened for his own people group. They are amongst some of the least reached people in Bangladesh and have never had the Bible in written form.

“With great determination, Peter took it upon himself over the past few years to develop the skills and acquire the resources to complete a written translation of the New Testament. After raising the money for the printing, the first-ever written copy of the New Testament in Peter’s mother tongue was finally ready to distribute. Peter, along with other staff members, traveled to Bangladesh last fall to present the new Bibles to his people group.

“What a celebration took place among the tribes. As a result, many have received salvation and others are growing in their knowledge of the gospel. Peter’s story is very moving and an incredible testimony of what God can do through a willing life.”

Peter is one of my favorite people to hang out with at our campus, and I’m honored to know him. I love this story so much and hope it touched your heart. Let’s get the Bible in the hands of every person on the planet!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and support. The holidays are upon us, and we hope it’s a really special time for you and your family.

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