God is Calling Missionaries to the USA! WHAT?!

Never underestimate the importance of cleaning up a kitchen! This is something I learned a couple of months ago.

With staff numbers being low at the YWAM Dayspring campus where I serve each day, we were all asked to pitch in by being on a rotation to clean the campus kitchen and cafeteria. When I learned this would be an added responsibility to my already full work load, I was a bit frustrated. However, I was quickly convicted of the fact that I get the added benefit of receiving my lunches each day at the campus, and I needed to have a willing heart to help maintain the cleanliness of it.

When my designated day arrived, I rolled up my sleeves and set to work with a co-worker, Mamisoa. I admired this beautiful young lady from afar, but our work areas were not in the same building, so I rarely had a chance to talk to her. Yet, on this day we had a couple hours to talk and clean, clean and talk. It was actually quite fun and enlightening.

I learned a lot about this young missionary from Madagascar! Yes, Madagascar!!! She had come to YWAM Tyler a couple years ago for training with the Teachers for the Nations program that YWAM offers.

After finishing the program, God impressed upon her heart to stay and serve this nation by championing young people at Christian Heritage School. Currently, she’s serving as a 5th grade teacher. She’s not paid a salary for her work. As all missionaries at YWAM Tyler, she’s living on support from friends and family, whom God has connected with her. 

Recently, she moved into a new living space on the campus, which was furnished with a bed but not much else. Last week, we were hosting her for a meal at our house, and I began to ask some questions about her story and her needs.

I had a strong impression God was wanting to bless Mamisoa by not just seeing her basic living needs met, but actually I sensed God wanted to bless her with her heart’s desires. That night at the dinner table, I told Mamisoa to make a wish list. If she could create a space for herself which would actually feel like home for her, what would it have?

At first she hesitated. She didn’t know how to respond. But I kept emphasizing — dream with God. So she did. She went home that night and made a list and then brought it to me the next day. Together we prayed over it and gave it to God.

When she brought me the list, she also shared that the day before she had come to eat dinner with us, God had actually told her to make this space her home. She told me my words at dinner had hugely confirmed what God was speaking to her. 

I’m excited to see how God is going to meet her needs. Richard and I feel led to raise $1,000 for her. Would you join us in praying about this? If God would put an amount on your heart to go towards this $1,000, you can make a donation to Mamisoa’s Blessing Fund on this private GoFundMe page. [Fundraiser has ended] If you’d like to give or support you can do so by emailing ilovefishman@gamil.com

Serving with missionaries from around the world that have a heart for sharing God’s love with Americans is humbling. Many have sacrificed much to come to this land to share the love of God with those right here in America that need Jesus! I am thankful for Mamisoa and Rebekah! May God richly bless them both for saying Yes to Him!

~ Amy


I’ve always wanted to travel to India. Perhaps I’ve been influenced by the movie, A Little Princess. I’ve seen plenty of teams from our campus travel there and return with incredible stories of God doing amazing things. Thanks to my job at YWAM, I’ve also developed a few relationships in India via social media.

In each story there are huge physical and spiritual needs. The photos, videos, and stories I hear remind me God is still using beautiful people who say “YES” to Him, to change the world. Rebekah is one of those people.

Rebekah, however, lives right here at our Twin Oaks Campus and serves in a variety of areas. Most recently, she’s joined our Student Communications Team to coach and disciple people interested in missions. Her servant’s heart is quite remarkable, but something even more powerful about her calling has inspired me.

She has answered God’s call on her life to be a missionary to the USA! You may be thinking similar thoughts to me when hearing this. “Do we really need people from other countries coming to the USA to be missionaries?” When I dig a little deeper, I realize there are millions of unreached people in America who need to know Jesus desperately. Who better to show them the love of Jesus than Rebekah!

Would you consider praying for Rebekah with us? Pray for her regularly? She’s battling a painful physical condition daily which she is currently seeking help. I would have never known this until I asked her one day to share. She carries herself with a sweet spirit of God’s grace in the midst of feeling physically terrible. I know Rebekah would appreciate knowing there are those who will lift her life to Jesus in prayer.

There is a song you may have heard produced by our friends at YWAM Kona. It’s called the Missionary Anthem. Whether we go to the nations we’ve never heard of or share with a neighbor the Gospel we’ve come to love, the call is clear — we must GO!

Thank you for continuing to encourage us through prayer and support.

~ Richard

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