To Surrender is to Live | Jesus is Lord

Grabbing a couple sticks, strings, and an old white T-shirt, a few students created a white flag of surrender. The flag became a symbol during a week of teaching on the Lordship of Christ. What a privilege and honor it was to tackle this subject with 21 students in our summer Discipleship Training School at YWAM Tyler.

Weeks before, Amy and I had conversed back and forth on the subject of Lordship, even digging up old journals from our DTS back in 2005 and notes from other trainings we’ve both experienced. Romans Chapters 4-12 become the bedrock we built the framework: “When we surrender to Christ we are saying, ‘WE WANT TO LIVE!'”


One event which will be forever etched in my memory was reading Romans 4- 12 out loud together. Each student received a printed copy in the New Living Translation, and I read in my best audible style voice and inflection I could muster up. It was a holy moment. Spending 30 solid minutes hearing God’s Word spoken out loud set the atmosphere for a life changing week.

If you know me at all, you know my passion is preaching / teaching. It’s a calling. Moments like this past week affirm in my spirit I was made for this. A funny thing always happens too. I think I’m there to pour into the student’s lives, but the reciprocal happens, and I feel I grew as much as they did.

Honestly, up until this week, deep in my soul, I believed surrender was more about just giving up and dying. Of course, this is an aspect of surrender. It is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us. However, our first response to surrender is more about preservation of life than giving life up.

When we raise our white flag in surrender to Jesus and his kingdom, we acknowledge HE IS LORD! What follows is simply unfathomable. Instead of shame and the dungeon, He offers us a peace treaty. Jesus goes so far as to establish us as co-heirs with him in His Kingdom.

WHAT?! Did you hear that? IT’S TRUE!

When we surrender, we are offered the kingdom and all it has to offer us. Luke 12:32 says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it gives your Father great happiness to give you the kingdom.” So YES! I will crucify the sinful nature that I’ve been a slave to, and I’ll joyfully, full of love, accept Jesus as my LORD!

Lordship — I’m sensing this is a life message for me.

Grab a copy of Shirley’s book He’s Your God Too!

During the week, I brought in Shirley Alman who, with her late husband, Wedge pioneered YWAM campuses all over Latin America. In my interview with her, the message of Lordship was so sweet and simple. “In order to trust Him, we must know Him. Why would we trust someone we don’t really know?” It was a powerful moment to reflect on our love for Jesus.

Side note: I absolute love teaching with Amy side by side. #togetherisbetter

Amy came in as well and spent all Wednesday morning with the school. As most of you know, her testimony of freedom from depression and anxiety is powerful. It was a highlight for the students. The crucified life message came to the surface of her sharing and the challenge to the students was to walk the way of the cross.

Ron Moyer, a team member of our Strategic Frontiers office and school leader of School of Strategic Missions, came in for our final interview. His life hasn’t been easy. He had to leave the mission field and God’s initial calling on his life. Later he would journey with his wife through a long tedious battle with cancer and have to let her go into God’s loving arms. It would be easy after these hardships to cash in your chips and just do anything but follow Jesus. But Ron has found a surrendered life brings forth beauty from ashes and joy out of mourning. We were all touched deeply by his story.

I find it an absolute honor to be surrounded by men and women of great faith who spur me on in my faith — to not give in, give up, or give out. Take 30 minutes and grab your favorite translation of the Bible and read Romans 4-12 –> OUTLOUD! Think about the areas of your life where you may need to surrender once again.

My original life timeline I made during my DTS in 2005.

For homework the students made a life timeline with drawings of those moments when they surrendered to Jesus. Amy and I have done this exercise on more than one occasion, and it’s always a sweet experience. Each and every moment, from the big crisis to the small “yes” to the Holy Spirit, shows us we are His followers. Do the exercise. I’d love to see your journey too.

Thank you for your partnership with our family. This past week teaching these 21 students couldn’t have happened without your support. I’m humbled and grateful.

Audrey wrapped up her three weeks of serving with our SST program. She staffed the camp and also spent the time videoing many aspects of the camp in order to create a promo for this awesome ministry. You’ll hear more about her adventure soon.

Audrey continues to develop her skills with the video camera.
Audrey and several of the SST students and staff

Christian Heritage School is about to begin. Amy is diligently getting ready. Did we tell you she has a new role as the High School Vice Principal!!!!! I know, right?!?! She will update you soon on all the happenings at CHS.

Amy and several of the CHS team attended Principle Approach Teaching training in Virginia.

We have a huge prayer request. The time for a second vehicle has come, and we are desperately praying about how to get a vehicle. Amy serves at our Dayspring Campus, and I serve at the Twin Oaks Campus, and they are 30 minutes apart. The days of sharing one car have come to end.

God’s provided a great financial starting point for us, but we are still several thousand short to get into something reliable. Oh yeah, our Fusion needs some serious TLC as well, which will be an additional 1k+ to fix.

If you’d pray with us for God to supply this need for our family we would really appreciate that so much. We need to make a purchase within the next few weeks so we are trusting this will be another great story of God’s provision!

You are loved. We are honored you partner with us in prayer and support as missionaries with YWAM Tyler.

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  1. Hello Kiddos!! Good to hear from you! We Demi x the LORD every day about your needs. Let us know how it happens! We love you guys!!!


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