New Home, New Opportunity


Noah Webster in his 1828 dictionary defined “home” to be a dwelling house… the sacred refuge of our life.

In Christ, we have found our home. He is our refuge ❤️ We continue to be in awe of God’s care and provision for us. We are so thankful. Walking down the brick streets in our neighborhood and hearing the dogs barking and the cars clanking on the bricks brings us joy. The sun has been perpetually shining in East Texas, not only in the sky but also in our hearts. We took some time off to get settled. Every box has been unpacked, a couple rooms have been painted, pictures have been hung, and a new normal is being established in our home. 😊


For the last two and a half weeks, our family has been visiting. It was great fun to see our loved ones again and to share our home with them. Our parents spoke of how peaceful the place was; that brought joy to my heart. Not only do I want our family to have a sanctuary to reside in, but I always want my guest to feel that too.

We ate good food, told lots of stories of past memories, and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a real blessing to have them here.


Finishing the school year virtually wasn’t in the school year plan when we started in August 2019… yet with God’s help, we did it! We actually did it! Praise the Lord. I learned a lot in the journey, and I actually had sweet moments with my students online. I love teaching. I love discipling this next generation to know Jesus and discover His great love for them. Thankfully, we did get to end the school year with a small blessing ceremony and graduation for our seniors. Overall, it was a great year, and I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to teach.


I am committed to teach another year at CHS starting in August 2020. I’ve also stepped into a leadership role at the school, serving as the Vice Principal of the High School. As I prayed about this step, through my Bible reading God emphasized the importance of team work. These phrases from 1 Corinthians 12 stood out: ”We see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it… no part is important on its own… every part dependent on every other part.”  I believe God has called me to serve at CHS. He has placed me right where He wants me. I am honored that I’d be asked to join a team of faithful servants (the parts 😊) in leading us into this next God-led season of this ministry. 

As I sought the Lord on His plan for me, God also encouraged me with these words from Psalm 18. Sometimes I feel quite unqualified to do what God lays before me. Doubt and fear will knock at my hearts door. Immediately when I was asked to prayerfully consider this, I had thoughts of “I can’t do that. Not smart enough. Someone else would be better for that position.” But I read in my Daily Light devotional, “It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.” 😌 I’m so thankful it’s not about my abilities. The Lord is my support. With Him, I can do the things He asks me to do. 

Part of the fun-loving team I’ll be serving with at CHS


Moving into Tyler was undoubtedly a God-led step. However, it is no longer possible for us to make one car work. We must get another car, and actually the one car we currently have seems to be on its final leg. So we are probably looking at needing two cars! 😳 AND we are needing something to happen ASAP because Richard will be returning back to work next week. 😮 Typing that out makes my stomach churn a bit, yet it shouldn’t. God is able to meet this need. Nothing is too difficult for Him. So please join us in praying about this, and let’s stand together and see how God answers! 🤩🚙🚗

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for us. We do not receive any salary for our work at YWAM Tyler and with Christian Heritage School. All our support comes from individuals like you. Without your partnership, we could not continue in missions here. All of those students in the picture above, YOU have impacted through your ongoing support of our family. Thank you for championing young people with us!

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