Who will Go? Brazilians will! That’s who!

Standing in the throng of 140,000 people, barefoot and shoes raised above their heads, my coworkers from our mobilization department witnessed God calling Brazilians to follow Him to the ends of the earth. Over 18,000 Brazilians in just one weekend put their shoes back on and started the journey of walking into missions.

The event was called THE SEND.

Things just got real. The shoes symbolized the desire to go, and since the stadiums emptied last week, we’ve already received five brand new applications for our April Discipleship Training School. We are anticipating even more.

My coworker Anthony snagged me a “Here I Am” sticker from the event which I stuck to my water cup. The reference is from Isaiah 6, when God asks who would go for Him and Isaiah responds, “Here I am. Send me.”

As you pray for the nations, you now know how to pray for Brazil. Friday we released an article including photos from the event you can read here: Walking Barefoot. I had a blast putting this article together.

Fox News also reported on the event saying, “Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro … is a believer in Jesus and that Brazil belongs to God.” Read the article.

Would you please pray for our April training school? This is our next opportunity to train and send future missionaries to the nations. This training school is bilingual, and one of those languages is Portuguese! Pray for the Brazilians who’ve applied and who need provisions, visas, and above all faith.

In addition, other hopeful applicants from Ghana, Haiti, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Papua New Guinea desire to attend this training in April. Their resources are limited, but their faith is great. Every Wednesday we gather as a team and pray for our upcoming schools and perspective students. We are hoping for great things!

We are working tirelessly to pave the way for all these and hundreds more to walk the path God has for them. Thank you for your support. Exciting days are ahead.

Part of our Mobilization team from left to right: Haley, Anthony, Haleigh, and Seth. I love working with this team every day.

Vision Board // Your future life in pictures.

Recently, Amy had her students work on a project to visually represent their dreams and passions for their lives. After pasting images on poster boards, the presentations began. As it is for all of us, trying to understand the difference between our personal ideas for the future and what God’s dreams are for us can be challenging.

On the heels of this project they began reading the Great Gatsby. The story captures the heartache of reaching for dreams void of God’s purposes. The end was tragic and sad for Gatsby and a lesson for all of us.

The vision board project wasn’t an end-all for discovering one’s purpose. However, it did give them a chance to dream big. It was encouraging to hear that many of their dreams emphasized following Jesus into different spheres of society in places all over the world.

Pray with us for this next generation. May they hear the Spirit’s voice and obey what He’s saying to them everyday.

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