2019 Year in Missions

Take an inspiring visual journey of our missionary work with YWAM Tyler and remember God’s faithfulness.

Reflection creates enthusiasm for the future.”  

Student Communications

I’m realizing the first place of discipleship starts with a simple phone call. In 2017, I nervously dialed my first number, inviting someone to step into missions at YWAM Tyler. Since then, the team of 20+ I help lead have talked and prayed with over 5K people, published 225 blogs, and grew our social following to over 10K. ~Richard

Marc from Haiti was one of those people, who after much prayer, conversation, and support raising came to our campus and has since been radically transformed.

Family DTS

For the first time in the history of YWAM Tyler we ran a special   Discipleship Training School focused for families. Romping around the cafeteria were 40+ kids, who themselves had a unique discipleship course they attended while parents were in class. “As I shared in the classroom and answered many questions of these eager parents, my heart was moved with deep expectations of God calling families into His work on the earth. I hope to engage in this next Fam DTS in 2020. ” ~ Richard

Christian Heritage School

For the past two years, Amy has helped out at CHS on a very part time basis, but God made it clear, 2019 would be different. “Teaching at CHS is my full-time ministry now, and I can honestly say I am loving every minute of it!  I’ve always known God wants me to invest in the next generation. He wants me to champion them into men and women of faith and ambassadors of truth. I have the great privilege of doing that daily at CHS.” ~ Amy

The staff of CHS come from many places around the globe. CHS’s principle based education replicated in over 40 nations. Thank you to everyone who gave financially to spruce up Amy’s classroom. The students love it!

Missions at YWAM Tyler

In his book, The Last Arrow, Erwin McManus shares about not “opting -out “ of something that God’s called you to. I just love that! When I was asked to share 2 days in the Family DTS, I opted-in, and I’m so glad I did. I love teaching, preaching, and sharing about the faithfulness of God. 

How we add value to people’s lives is a fundamental building block for our communications team. I had opportunity to share this message recently with the entire training department at YWAM Tyler. ~ Richard

Missions at CHS

Find what you love and do it! 

Earlier this year, these words began to ring in my ears. At first, I pushed them away because I thought they were selfish. I thought, “It’s not about what I love but what God wants.”  Yet, the words never stopped coming. The quiet gentle nudge became so persistent I finally couldn’t ignore them. Doesn’t God put His desires in our heart? Doesn’t He prepare us for His good plans? The more I pressed into these questions, the more I realized, YES, He does! It was this prompting that led me to commit to full time teaching at Christian Heritage School. ~ Amy


Let’s just be honest for a second. Having family spread all across the country makes seeing each regularly very challenging. Our Ford Fusion has nearly 240,000 miles on it now! Wow, right?

Richard’s parents made a huge life transition and moved from Easley, SC to Savannah, GA. Helping them pack up their home was a real joy. The house sold in one day. What an answer to prayer.

We spent some time this summer with Kyle, Kelly, and Molly in Seattle, and we are headed back there for Christmas. Emily will be flying in from NC as well. It’s been quite a while since we’ve all been in the same house together. Looking forward to some great moments as a family.


Our little blue cottage has been such a blessing these past 3 years. However, with a looming road expansion ahead, we have to move. We are praying about where the Lord will have us move in 2020. The questions we are asking are, “Where are we moving?” And “How are we going to pay for it?” Pray for us. This is a request we have before the Lord almost on a daily basis.


Audrey hopes to attend SST in the summer of 2020 and travel internationally.

Richard’s birth mom and her husband came to visit with us here in Texas. 

Would you pray for Grace? After living with us for 3 years, she will graduate from CHS in May. She has applied to Asbury University. This is a big transition, and we are super excited for her. 

Audrey is praying about her future too. We are asking the Lord for her immigration to be completed soon!

Thank You

We want to thank each of you for partnering with us in missions. Thank you for praying, for giving, for encouraging, and for standing with us. Your support is making a difference for the Kingdom!

Contact and Support

16851 CR 4183 Lindale, TX 75771

Amy ~ c: 864.752.5349 e: ilovefishman@gmail.com

Richard ~ c: 864.650.1970 e: richardjamesfish@gmail.com

To make a tax-deductible contribution, make checks payable to “YWAM,” attach a note stating the gift is for the ministry of “Richard and Amy Fish.” Send to: P.O. Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771

Point phone camera here to give online

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