God is Bringing Revelation of Himself to Every Nation

I was asked recently in a group setting what first comes to mind when I hear the word “Muslim.” Honestly, my internal monologue began a sequence of negative imagery and content.

I kept silent as others proceeded to share. Mostly, I agreed with the silent feelings of uneasiness and fear when conversing about the Muslim world.

As a volunteer at YWAM, these are not conversations which will just go away over time like a fading memory. In fact, the opposite has ensued recently.

A family currently attending our Family DTS spent a portion of their lives in Afghanistan. Their stories are incredible. I’ve sat and eaten a meal with them, and the love of Jesus just envelopes them like a shining fog. You can read about their journey in this book: Najiba : A Love Story from Afghanistan

Another family showed up recently and shared about their ministry in Saudi Arabia. As their small children circled our staff and students handing out prayer cards, the message of hope for this nation was presented in a convicting competence.

A team sent from our campus residing in Northern Africa paid us a visit, bringing with them stories of courage in sharing their faith within the context of Muslim communities.

Just weeks ago, a prominent religious leader from Pakistan, a friend of one of our missionary teams, paid us a visit on a Sunday night to share about his openness for us to continue our discipleship training within his country. Just amazing!

All of this just in the month of August!

I received a Facebook message a week ago, from a young man in Ethiopia who is a Muslim yet desires to dive deep into knowing Jesus; he feels called to be a missionary! One of our team members has been reaching out to him on the phone and through email to talk about what it would look like for him to come Texas for training.

What if he could come and study with us? What if God used him to share Jesus with the Muslim world? What is the potential?

Here’s just a few from our team. They faithfully reach out to people everyday on the phone, through email, WhatsApp messages, social media and whatever other means they can to encourage following after Jesus. They coach, listen, challenge, and pray with literally hundreds of people every month. What an incredible team.

Just the other day, while pumping gas at the store in my small Texas town, I noticed a lady swiping the card reader beside me. She was adorned with khimar, while her children were romping around in the back seat of her SUV. I cannot escape the fact God has heightened my attention of His work in the Muslim world.

I’ve heard the most unbelievable stories of people coming to faith because Jesus is revealing Himself to them in dreams and visions. These stories, presented from our platforms, remind me God is winning in the nations!

The team I work with everyday is talking to people young and old all across our planet about activating their faith and sharing Christ’s love to the nations. Just today, as I write this post, a young woman from Bangladesh has applied for training with us. Surely, God is moving.

Around a month ago, Audrey wrote an article depicting an incredible conversion of a Muslim lady. The blog post was published from Mercy Works, a department of YWAM Tyler whose desire is to bring, “hope and healing to people afflicted by war, famine, extreme poverty and natural disasters.” You can read the story here: Hidden Treasures.

Click the photo to read the article on the Mercy Works website. We are so grateful for the opportunity Audrey had to write this story. She gathered pieces of the story from those who serve in northern Africa and retold this journey to faith in such prose and style.

Would you pray for us that we can steward the relationships God brings, so He may reveal Himself to those individuals? In all we do, we need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Amy is in full swing, teaching five different classes to middle school and high school age groups. Building curriculum daily, preparing the next day’s lessons late into the evenings, and caring for each of these students is a burden she’s joyfully carrying. She is an amazing teacher.


Her classroom environment is warm and calming with gorgeous plants galore, bringing life and O2 to the environment. The new whiteboards have brought a catalyst of creativity to her teaching, and we are thankful for those who gave to help us with setting up her teaching space. Audrey’s school tuition was also covered for this next year by a generous gift. Praise the Lord! God is faithful to provide!

But more than just teaching subjects, CHS is built upon principle education. Each and every subject is laced with the glory of God, and Amy makes sure to bring this revelation to her students.

In a conversation recently with her class, the subject matter of Christian heritage was discussed. Students were remarking on how it’s hard to imagine NOT believing in Jesus. Amy then proceeded to talk about our time in Thailand. She told them the cultural mindset: to be Thai is to be Buddhist. The very fabric of this culture is laced with the beliefs of this religion. They do not know anything else, which is why Jesus tells us to go into all the world and make disciples. Yet, this is not a quick and painless process. Years of walking with people are needed before they will be convinced Jesus is the Truth.

As Amy emphasized respect and love for people in the journey of discovering truth, one young man remained quiet throughout the sharing, yet he kept nodding his head. Amy noticed his engagement in her talk, and afterwards asked him more about his heritage. To her surprise, he shared that he was the only Christian in his family of predominately Buddhist tradition. Out of care and compassion, she encouraged him to pray for his family because Jesus is able to reveal Himself to them too.

Pray for Amy as she teaches everyday. Pray she can do the work of preparing these students for college and careers, but more importantly, pray she can be a witness to the nations. Any support towards her continued training endeavors and resources needed at CHS would be appreciated.

Thank you for praying and supporting us. Each month God provides what we need to accomplish His will as we volunteer with YWAM Tyler. It’s a miracle honestly, and we are thankful. We know He has called us here, and we believe He will continue to equip us with every good thing we need. (Heb 13:20-21)

If you’re not partnering with us in prayer and support, we invite you to support us. We’d love to add you to our prayers as well. You can find info how to give tax-deductible donations on our behalf here: Partnering with Us.

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  1. This is such a fantastic update! How inspired your supporters must feel to partner with the Fish family.


    On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 6:53 AM Richard and Amy Fish wrote:

    > Richard Fish posted: ” I was asked recently in a group setting what first > comes to mind when I hear the word “Muslim.” Honestly, my internal > monologue began a sequence of negative imagery and content. I kept silent > as others proceeded to share. Mostly, I agreed with the si” >

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