Will You Partner With Me?

Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me.” (Ps. 71:18)

Summer is coming to an end, and a new school year will soon begin. I’m excited to say I’ll be teaching full-time at Christian Heritage School. Last year, I taught 2 days a week and loved my time with the students. This year, I’ll be stepping into a full-time role, teaching Literature and Composition classes, as well as a Bible class.

Christian Heritage School is a ministry of YWAM Tyler. As a K-12 school serving the families of the greater East Texas area, the vision of Christian Heritage School is to serve families by teaching children to understand Biblical principles of personal and civil liberty. Our goal at CHS is to disciple the nations through education. In order to achieve this goal, we must become both teachers and learners not only of the truths that Jesus taught, but also of the wise application of these truths to all human relations and institutions.  We seek to produce students who have both character and understanding as these students will become the leaders of their homes, their churches, and their nations. https://chstyler.org

Recently, I wrote a blog stating how much I love teaching. It’s a passion and calling in my life, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to actively engage in this ministry at CHS once again this year. I believe investing in this next generation is vitally important because they are the future of this nation.

Richard’s work in Student Communications on the campus, and my work at Christian Heritage School (CHS) are not paid positions. Every YWAMer raises their own support to serve in this ministry. Over the years of serving in this capacity, many have asked us how do we make it financially if we’re not receiving salaries. I always chuckle at that question because honestly, IT IS A MIRACLE!

We always emphasize two things when answering that question. First of all, God is our provider, and He’s been faithful to take care of us. Secondly, God prompts people to partner with us in ministry. When people give to support us, they are essentially supporting the ministry of discipling the next generations with the truth of Jesus Christ.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been cleaning out my room at the school, getting it ready for the new school year. I love creating warm and inviting spaces for people to step into and experience God’s grace and beauty. As I have rearranged and set up the new class, I recognized some major changes I need to make.

I have a few needs to finish off the room. I’d like to replace the old 4×8 chalkboard with whiteboards, in 2 distinct areas of the classroom. I need blackout curtain panels to help with light/heat coming into the windows. I’d like to get one more comfy chair to put in the back for a reading nook, and I have need to purchase some supplemental materials to help me with my lesson plans. I’d like to raise $1000 to put towards these items.

Recently, I was asked to participate in an online training course to better understand The Principle Approach, which is the foundation to Christian Heritage Schools’s philosophy of education. It was a great week of learning and encouragement. The cost of this training and curriculum ~ $365 ~ had not been budgeted, and I’d like to pay it off as soon as possible.

Financially, we have many needs on the table. We’re praying about our housing. We are needing to find another home soon, so we’re asking the Lord to equip us to step into that. We need a second, more reliable car as well. CHS is in a different location than the YWAM Tyler campus where Richard is at. For lots of reasons, we’ve reached a place where having a 2nd car is vitally important, and it needs to be a car that will be more reliable for traveling.

This year we will need to pay a portion of Audrey’s tuition at CHS, approximately $150 monthly. Thankfully, my work at the school does give me a great discount, but it won’t cover all the cost. Audrey loves this school, and the impact it’s making in her life is priceless. We also need to get Audrey braces as soon as possible to straighten those precious teeth of hers.

Financially, the list of needs is long. The ones listed above are a few big ones, and all we know to do is commit them into the Lord’s hands and trust He’ll provide. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement a long the way too.

If you would like to partner with me in my classroom and help me with the additional $1365 that’s needed, I’d be so thankful. Contact me directly at afish@CHSTyler.org. School starts August 19th. Please be praying for me and for this next school year! May the Lord be glorified and the lives of these students be forever impacted by His grace and love!

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