Reaching the Nations One Person at a Time

One of the most fascinating parts of my work at YWAM Tyler is reaching out to people from all over the world to talk about how God is leading them. From India to Cameroon to Haiti, I see first hand God calling people from every nation into His plan. (Those are just some recent nations of people I’m in conversation)

Marc was one of those amazing people. I met Marc on Facebook October 30th a year ago. He expressed his deep desire for coming to the states to study with us. As he is from Haiti, initially my heart sank as I knew it would be a long shot for him to get a visa.

Here is what our very first conversation looked like:

Honestly, I was already discouraged as we have seen many student visa denials of late. I wanted him to know the reality of the journey and not to get his hopes up too high and be discouraged himself.

Marc was awarded a partial scholarship to our training program, and he had a sponsor who would cover the rest. With his school tuition covered, the application process started. After dozens of Facebook messages, emails, paperwork, FaceTime calls, Marc’s visa interview ended in denial.

We had been praying every week for Marc and a whole host of other students wanting to come to study with us. It was heart-breaking to hear that news. But with a determined heart we moved Marc’s application to the next training school, and we all waited with anticipation for his next visa interview.

Marc is from a family of six, with twin younger brothers. His dad’s a school teacher and makes a meager salary of what equates to around $80 US dollars monthly. Our training schools cost thousands of dollars let alone the outreach costs. Just the visa interview and fees were nearly a years worth of wages.

There’s a lot to be said about trusting God when faced against insurmountable obstacles. It requires a heart full of hope, and an unwavering determination.

About a month before our July schools started, Marc contacted me and said he was heading to do his visa and interview. We began praying for favor. After getting good news he’d been awarded his visa, our team’s group chat blew up with praise as we exchanged clapping hand emojis and thumbs up icons for the joy we all had in our heart.

As Marc was introducing himself to his classmates and school staff the first day of DTS, he didn’t know I was going to be standing in the back of the room. One by one as the introductions were made, his eyes caught mine. Marc ran from the front of the class and with his 6’4 frame grabbed me and nearly picked me off the ground. We laughed and hugged for what seemed a solid minute right there in front of everyone.

We had lunch the other day, and I got to hear more of Marc’s story. What a blessing this young man is to his family, our campus, and the nations. He’s here at YWAM Tyler to grow closer to God, and he’s going to make God known to the world. Would you pray for him? He’s still raising money for his outreach portion of his training. You can contact me personally if you’d like to help support him in this journey.

This is just one story of many I’m getting to encounter here at YWAM Tyler. God is awesome!

Marc and I after having lunch together.

Audrey started her SST last Sunday. Thank you to all who supported her to do this summer training. She’s been having a blast and her outreach to Chicago just began. Keep her in your prayers. I’m sure she’ll have some great stories to share with everyone when she returns.

First day of SST.

There’s been a couple times in the last few months we’ve traveled to South Carolina to help Richard’s parents. They made a major move to Savannah, Georgia in June. Prior to their moving, we went to help them box up their home and prepare for the move. It was fun digging through their stuff, retelling stories from the past, and helping them get ready! They’ve arrived in Savannah and are enjoying their new home. We can’t wait to make memories with them there!

Signing the house contract!

We recently traveled to Seattle to see our kids. God’s provision for this trip was a real blessing because it enabled us to spend some much needed time with our precious children. The miles apart are plentiful, and we miss them a lot! We had great fun together!

From left to right: Kyle, Kelly, Amy, Audrey, Richard, Molly, and Tyler. (We missed Emily with us so much.)

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