Discipleship is what we Do.

I get asked a lot, “So what do you exactly do at YWAM Tyler?” Honestly, that question is sometimes challenging to answer. The reason being, I feel like I dabble in a lot of stuff. To keep it simple, I work in student communications. We do often joke around campus that instead of the acronym YWAM standing for Youth with a Mission, it stands for Youth with a Meeting. LOL! 😂

This past week Amy and I looked at each other, and it dawned on us, we work in communications, but our labor is discipleship.

I think in most workforces my job might look like a manager role, and for a role title that might fit the bill. Day in and day out, though, my conversations about work is more about what God is saying and doing in people’s lives more than if they are producing for the organization.

I love my team. They are made of young millennials with a passion to serve Jesus. They came to volunteer in missions with YWAM Tyler because God said to, not because there’s money or status to be achieved. Just for the record, nobody get’s paid to work on staff at YWAM Tyler. We are all volunteers, advancing God’s kingdom across the planet.

Listening to, praying with, and challenging our team to honor Jesus with our lives and our work is a daily duty, which I’m honored the Lord has entrusted us with this job. Pray for us in our work as we disciple this next generation.

My discipleship doesn’t stop with just our team either. Over the last two weeks I was on the phone with a family in Tanzania, having an ongoing Facebook messenger conversation with a young man in Haiti and a video call with a family in India. In each of these conversations, we are talking about what God’s doing in their lives and the next steps of following Him further. Sometimes I think I’m like one of those “life-coach mentors.”

Sitting at lunch with 6 different nations: Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, S. Korea, Canada, and of course the USA.

But isn’t that what discipleship is all about? Coaching people to trust and follow Jesus in whatever He’s telling them, no matter the difficulty?

Amy’s discipleship extends beyond our missionary training campus to Christian Heritage School as well, where our daughter Audrey attends. Amy teaches 40 students two times a week. Her subject matter deals with writing, but she finds that teaching involves much more than equipping their minds to write. It’s actually all about equipping their hearts. Amy loves her students and wants them to know they’re loved, by her as a teacher but most importantly by their Father in heaven.

This week Amy started the part of her curriculum that deals with persuasive writing. Not only do kids need to know how to write structurally and stylishly, they also need to know what to write. Determining what they believe is as important (if not more so) as being able to communicate effectively. Pray for Amy as she walks with the students throughout the remaining 7 weeks of school.

I had a chance to join Amy at CHS for some instruction on performing.
Super fun activity to learn how to breathe using the diaphragm.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and support. We couldn’t serve like this without you. 😊

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