God ~ A Rewarder of Faith

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

This past week I had the privilege of listening to two girls share how God is answering their prayers. I’m their one-on-one partner at YWAM Tyler, and I’ve been praying with both of them over the last few months about their dreams and desires.

Both love Jesus deeply, and both want to live their lives completely for Him. Both have been in a season of waiting too. There were a few moments along the way of wondering what God was doing. Was He listening? Why was He silent? When would He answer?

Yet, these two did not let this season of waiting distract them from trusting the Lord and diligently serving Him in the place where they were. As a result, God has rewarded them both in neat and exciting ways!!! Doors are opening; dreams are coming to fruition. Praise the Lord!

Their stories have given me hope. I keep hearing the Lord whisper in my ear, “I am a rewarder of those who seek Me, Amy. Don’t give up!” Honestly, some days it’s hard. Satan’s fiery arrows of discouragement and disbelief are plentiful. The very armor God has given me to thwart those arrows is the shield of faith, and faith is what pleases God. So it’s imperative I keep that shield raised. Honestly, it’s life or death. Those fiery arrows will destroy me if I don’t.

This week we have another appointment with Hassan for Audrey’s immigration. We have a stack of papers to submit, money orders for fees to pay, pictures from the past to connect her to our family, and hearts full of faith to release it all into God’s hands to work a miracle for us.

I won’t lie, there’s a little fear too because so much is hinging on this step, but I’m not letting fear take a foothold. I’m daily taking those fearful thoughts captive and combating them with faith, and I believe God is going to reward our faith, not for our glory but for His!!!

We continue to wait and pray about our housing as well. We see road work starting to happen near us and are fully aware a transition is upon us. Lots of people here are asking us what our plans are too, but we honestly have no idea when, where, or how God is going to move us. We’ve simply been walking the length and the breadth of this land, praying every step along the way and trusting that God has a good land for us to enjoy (a specific word He gave me one day when praying).

Financially we remain in a particularly lean season. We aren’t going hungry. Our basic needs are being met, and we are so thankful. However, we do have some needs beyond the basics. We’ve been praying a lot about our finances and support. What does the future look like at the trajectory we are on?

I know . . . we aren’t supposed to worry about tomorrow, and for the most part I’m not, but it is on my mind! The lack of finances seems to be a common topic in conversation amongst those serving in missions too. Why is there lack? Is there something we are supposed to do to change this? God doesn’t really say much to my questions, He just keeps reminding me to trust Him. God has always provided for the Levites throughout history. This is not a new problem in the world of ministry. So instead of dwelling in the land of fear, God wants me to raise the shield of faith!

Just yesterday, a young lady from our office at YWAM sent me this scripture that she felt impressed was for me.  “The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.” (Psalm 34:10) She had no idea this season has been financially lean, yet the Lord prompted her to send me these words because He knew I needed the reminder to not stop seeking Him, for He is a rewarder of faith! 😉

There are other things we wait on and pray regularly about: needs and longings for loved ones, ministry dreams and desires tucked within our heart, and more. God hears our prayers and He sees our tears. Not one has been lost or wasted. He keeps track of our sorrows, and He stores up our tears in His bottle (Psalm 56:8). God is faithful! He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it!

Thank you dear friends for partnering with us. Thank you for standing with us and supporting us to put our hands to the plow here in East Texas. We are at YWAM Tyler because God called us to follow Him here. We have no doubt this is where He has us serving, and we are believing that He who called us will be faithful to equip us.

Sometimes I feel like my blogs lately all say the same thing. Maybe you’re thinking that too (hahaha 😂), but I can’t help but write about what God is doing in my heart, and maybe I’m not the only one that needs the constant reminder. Whatever you’re waiting on the Lord for, keep trusting ~ keep seeking. He is a rewarder of faith!

We hear good reports of Emily’s time in Mexico. Please pray for her as she is prayerfully seeking the Lord on what comes next in her journey! Thanks again for all who have helped her take this step to do a Discipleship Training School. She graduates November 17th. 
Audrey enjoys her days at Christian Heritage School. She is making great memories with her friends there. Please pray for us Wednesday as we head to Dallas!
Molly is coming to the end of her season at Aveda Institute of Seattle. She will graduate mid-December. She’s beginning the process of looking into job opportunities in the Seattle area. Please be praying for God to guide her and open the right doors. Oh how I miss that precious girl! 
Kyle and Kelly are doing great! We miss them so much! Living so far from our kids is hard. One of our prayer request is for funds to travel to see them in 2019!!!! 

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