Are You Closer to Jesus Today than Yesterday?

As we walked away from the Texas Motor Speedway, I had a sense I was walking closer to Jesus than the day before. Call it a mountaintop moment or just a highlight, either way, the goal of #movecloser happened in my heart.


We didn’t just attend the event, however; we were actually a part of the event. Our YWAM staff partnered with Together and Every Campus to offer an engaging experience to draw closer to Jesus and His calling.

Right in the middle of the Texas Motor Speedway is the “Garage,” where race cars get tuned up, tweaked, and modified for their race. During this weekend, the Garage Space became a place where individuals could get a fresh alignment with God’s purposes in their life.

I was reminded that God speaks to people about following Him into new places – to do new things. It was a joy to spend time meeting with a few of the 2,000 who flowed through the garage, life coaching them, praying with them, and encouraging them to go for it in Jesus’ name.


Audrey and Grace spent most of their time buried deep in the middle of the 80,000 people thronging the stage, getting an up-close glimpse of some of the great teachers, musicians, and leaders in our country. It’s amazing to see our kids surrounded by thousands who desire to lift up Jesus as much as they do. At the least, we are inspired God is winning in the nations.


Emily’s DTS team was there as well, serving as volunteers and being impacted by the event’s theme of “Move Closer.” YWAM threw a pre-event prayer and worship rally at the speedway the night before. Emily and two others from her school shared brief, encouraging stories of salvation and freedom. As parents, we were truly blessed to witness this.

It’s just another step in her journey as she is following Jesus.

On Monday, she and her team jumped on a plane for Mexico. Please pray for them and their ministry in this country. Her testimony is so strong, and her DTS team is quite an amazing group. We’ve already heard of many coming to Jesus. It was reported that 35 police officers, 7 adults, and 10 teenagers gave their hearts to Jesus at a ministry time soon after they arrived. Praise the Lord! We are believing God has more good things in store on this outreach. Please be praying!

She will return in about three weeks, and we will celebrate at her graduation on November 17th. We can’t wait to hear the stories of those they encouraged to walk closer to Jesus.

I remember many years ago, just before I was getting ready to preach for the first time at the local church where I youth pastored, the senior pastor asked me how I was doing. It must have been pretty obvious I was nervous. With keen wisdom, he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “You don’t have to solve everyone’s problems today. Just help them to take a step closer to Jesus today than where they were standing yesterday.”

Those were good words for a young preacher trying to tackle every possible issue in all of Christendom. 😉 And the same is really true today still. Are we simply moving closer to Jesus each day?

I hope you are.

Thank you for your support and continued parternships.

One Reply to “Are You Closer to Jesus Today than Yesterday?”

  1. Richard I’m so proud to walk with you on this journey. You truly inspire me to walk closer to Him!!
    I love that you are my “son” and proud of your leadership in Gods cause.

    Thank you for this event sharing.


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