Together Generation | It’s time to #movecloser

We are headed to Texas Motor Speedway this Friday – Sunday for Together 2018. Together Generation 2018 is gathering people for what could be the largest gathering of people who love Jesus on the planet. Haven’t heard about it? Check it out here: Together Generation

Here’s a short promo video about the event:

Here is a 1 hour documentary if you want to understand the full scope of this event:

Around February of this year, I contacted Together after seeing one of their first promotions for this year’s event. Amy and I had wanted to attend their event in 2016 in D.C. but weren’t able to make that happen. When I heard this years 2018 event was going to be in our backyard in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I wondered how we could be involved. After a couple more phone calls, our Mobilization office took the reigns, and we are excited about joining hands with multiple ministries to pull off this event.

On the 19th, this Friday, our campus is hosting a rally of prayer and worship at the Texas Motor Speedway before the main event starting on the 20th. Please pray for nice weather! Currently rain is in the forecast. This event is outside, and we are hauling YWAM Tyler’s sound equipment there for the smaller venue we’re hosting.

Alongside our staff, our training schools will also be helping serve the 2,000+ volunteers for this weekend. Emily is going to be part of that team as well. Her stateside portion of outreach will culminate with this event just before she heads out with her team to Mexico.

It’s pretty exciting to see how many organizations and leaders are participating in this gathering.


One focus of this event is simply to gather people from across our nation and experience what God’s doing on the earth – together. It’s estimated that 400,000 people will be there!

At the same time there is an unprecedented opportunity to see literally thousands invited into missions, to make God known to the world. Together has a heart to see our college campuses influenced with students who are following Jesus with their whole heart. They are providing resources to make that happen at this event. We are also coming alongside to share the vision to take the Gospel to all the nations, including America.

Would you pray for a few very specific things for us this coming weekend: 

  1. This event would bring greater awareness of the unity of the church across our nation and the world.
  2. We would have opportunity to share about our discipleship schools in relevant ways with people.
  3. Everyone would be encouraged to walk more closely with Jesus then they did the day before.

Would you please pray for our family:

As our family looks to participate in this event this weekend, we have some specific needs:

  1. Someone to care for our dogs during the weekend (everybody we know is going to the event).
  2. Money to pay for our weekend expenses (been a tight season, and we don’t have extra funds these days): Hotel, Gas, & Food.
  3. Peace of heart and mind during this busy weekend.
  4. Revelation and inspiration in our own walks with Jesus.


~ Peace ~



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