Calling People Into Missions | It’s what we do!

Tonight, our next Discipleship Training School will start here at YWAM Tyler. We’ve spent this past year developing a super team to nurture prospective students from the point of interest to the day they arrive on our campus. We’ve prayed for them, listened to their stories, written blogs to help them, coached them with fundraising, and shared our lives with them, all in hopes they will have the most transformational experience once they get here.

We can’t wait to meet these new students. Would you take a few minutes and pray for them? Would you even pray that before the the end of next week even more students would show up!? It’s not too late. We honestly believe everyone should do a DTS.

A young lady just filled out an application the other day. In one section on how she heard about YWAM Tyler, she explained she saw something on Facebook about our training school and just knew God was calling her to do this. Isn’t that amazing?

That’s just one of many stories like hers, where God is using our communication efforts to connect His calling to the heart of this next generation. This past month, Amy put together a blog for YWAM Tyler of students sharing their experiences while on their mission trips. If you missed it, check it out here: Want to Travel the World with Jesus?

Featured here in this picture is Dennis. As part of our team, he works with us overseeing our amazing Call Team. He’s awesome and a huge asset to helping us do what we do everyday.

Right now, our daughter Emily is part of a DTS which is spending the next few weeks traveling through North Carolina, Virginia Beach, and other places to share her faith in Jesus. Soon she’ll be heading to Mexico, to engage people from a different culture with the love of Jesus. Please be praying for her and her whole team. 

Emily and a few of her classmates and campus friends.

Everyday we are thinking, planning, experimenting, and praying about how to communicate clearly and effectively to this generation about discipleship and missions. We are convinced God is still calling people to go deeper in relationship with Him and take His love to the nations. Some days this comes easy, but most days it’s very challenging work. We are relying on God’s help everyday!

Thank you for partnering with us to see God’s Kingdom advanced to all the nations. You are a part of our personal team impacting people around the world. Every prayer, every dollar, every encouraging word helps us to continue in this work. We are so grateful and blessed.






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