These Days Are Just So Exciting!

While walking into the Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services of Dallas last Wednesday, I was thinking this was the BIG DAY! Finally, we would be submitting all the needed documentation and payment to get Audrey’s immigration underway.

After our last visit a little over a month ago, I was under the impression we’d turn in these documents and then enter the “waiting” period. However, like submitting a paper to an English professor, we found out we still needed to make revisions on this “rough draft” before relinquishing the final.

The morning we left for Dallas this past week, Emily texted us to ask specifics about our immigration appointment. Along with many of you, her DTS (Discipleship Training School) lifted us up in prayer that day. One particular prayer was mentioned by her team for the immigration attorney we would be working with.

Hassad, originally from Iraq, has worked for the Catholic Charities for around 10 years. He truly made our experience manageable and simple. A friend told us afterwards she had a vision of someone smoothing out crumpled up papers when she was praying for us. Honestly, that’s a good way to put it. Hassad took the mess and smoothed it out for us. The phrase “God-Send,” fit the bill perfectly. Hassad was a direct answer to prayer, and we told him so. We are very grateful for the precise insight he gave us to finish our final draft to USCIS.

We are also happy that Hassad will be our facilitator, who will begin to file our paperwork on October 24th, when we return for our final appointment. As we work toward completing our tasks this month, continue to pray we will not make any mistakes and cover every aspect accurately. Also pray for Hassad! Something about this guy stood out to us, and we have committed to personally lift him up in prayer over the next couple of months.

Thank you for praying and encouraging us.

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About 3 months ago, Emily arrived to begin her journey in DTS at YWAM Tyler. We have watched her greatly grow in the Lord over these months. One of the cool things we’ve noticed is that she’s become a prayer warrior. It’s a joy hearing how God is leading her when she prays too. Now, in just a couple of weeks, she and her team will be embarking on what we like to call – Outreach.

This is the 2 month mission component of the DTS. For 2 months Emily will travel to various stateside locations as well as Mexico to share the Gospel in word and deed. Praise God, she raised all the money needed for the actual cost of the trip. She’ll pay it off this week 🙂 Thank you to all who helped her reach this goal!! Now she’s just needing funds to cover some pocket money for her travels and toiletries/supplies. If you’d like to give to help her with this, you can send money to us, and we’ll be sure she gets it.



Amy and I continue to plug away here at YWAM Tyler. God is anointing our efforts to get the word out about what He’s doing on our campus. We are receiving more inquiries through our office than ever before! This is exciting, and I’m thankful for the awesome team I get to work with everyday.

Recently Audrey wrote a blog for our base from an experience she had on her SST. Many were encouraged by her story. It was a very powerful, vulnerable testimony of a God-encounter she had while walking around Planned Parenthood. Please go read!!! You’ll be glad you did =>>When Love Conquers Fear. Share it with others you think will be encouraged by the story.

Amy has thoroughly enjoyed her two weeks of teaching at CHS. Her grading load is hefty, but she finds joy in connecting with the students and encouraging them in their journey. Every chance we get to help the next generation step into their God-given potential is an honor and blessing!


Thanks for your continued support. We are experiencing a lean season, but God is faithful, and He’s daily taking care of our needs. Please continue to pray for us. We love you all!


If you’re reading this and want to know more about how to partner with us in missions, take a look at our PARTNERSHIPS page.

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  1. I love you all so dearly. I’m proud of you. I guess that is weird to say. I’m not your parent or anything, but I think of the struggles, surrenders, and effort that you are going through and putting forth and I’m proud to be your sister, friend, and supporter. Thank you for the work you are doing in the kingdom on the Texas front!

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