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Dear partners in missions ~ WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS! In 25+ years of ministry in church leadership and on the mission field, we’ve never underestimated the importance of prayer. Now, is no different. Please pray with us over some of the following needs in our lives.

1. Audrey’s Immigration ~ We finally have an appointment April 25th with the immigration office in Dallas. After multiple dead-end conversations with attorneys over the past couple of years, we have decided to attempt another meeting with immigration. We need an open door, favor, and a clear process to finalize Audrey’s immigration.

2. Our YWAM Work ~ Hardly a day goes by where we don’t look at each other and say, “We really need God to bring a breakthrough in our work.” Pray, as we publish amazing stories and market those stories, for young and old alike to be challenged to take steps of knowing God and making Him known to the nations. Unless God builds the house, we labor in vain!

3. SST ~ Audrey is attending a summer camp like no other here at our campus this summer. Season of Summer Training is one week of teaching and one week of outreach to Houston, TX. Audrey is praying for provision for this camp and for God to reveal Himself to her in new ways.

4. Mazatlan, MX ~ In July, I’ve been invited to attend a focused conference to equip our office to get better at mobilizing people into missions. It’s a week long gathering of several YWAM campuses around the world coming to talk about this need. Pray for funding for this trip and revelation for me to be equipped to take our office to the next level.

5. Medical Needs ~ We have a couple medical needs that need taken care of. Nothing life-threatening but needs none-the-less. Specifically, Amy has need for some dental work to resolve a long standing issue in her mouth. She also needs new eye glasses. Over this last year, her eyesight has significantly changed, and it’s time to get progressive glasses for seeing long distance and reading.

6. 29th Anniversary & Travel Back East ~ On June 17th, we’ll celebrate 29 years of married bliss 🙂 It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten away just the two of us. We’re hoping to do so this summer. We also want to to reconnect with our church, family, and friends sometime this summer. Our spring break trip was sweet but short. It’s important to us to have some face-to-face moments with our partners. Finding the best time to travel and working it into our budget can be a challenge. Please pray both for timing and provision for our travel desires.

7. Transportation ~ Our Ford Fusion has been a great vehicle, but it is in it’s final season. Recently, we had to put $1000 into it for the car to run adequately for us. With almost 200,000 miles on it, we know the day is coming when we will need to find another vehicle that’s more reliable.

8. Dreams ~ “You’re never too old to dream a new dream.” This is a little plaque we have on our windowsill to remind us to not stop dreaming with God. Audrey dreams of attending Baylor University after high school. She’s not sure what she’ll major in, but she’s very sure she wants this college to be her alma mater.

Amy and I have a dream to own a home that can be used for hospitality and missions. We love creating spaces that give God glory and provide a respite for the weary traveler. A favorite B & B from our past travels is Whitestone Inn in Tennessee. Their story of how God grew a similar dream in their hearts has always blessed us.

Another dream is to go into all the world to teach and preach. It’s been along time since we’ve been able to travel abroad, and we look forward to the day we can do that again. Amy and I love to disciple others to know Jesus. Whether it’s through one -on-one encouragement or in a classroom, church, or street corner, we pray for opportunities to teach all that He’s commanded.

Finally, Amy has a dream to write a book someday. God has done many amazing things in our lives, and we want to write them down so that our kids and their kids will always praise the Lord.  “Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the LORD.” Ps. 102:18

Thank you for praying for us. As partners in ministry, these requests are important to us, and because you’ve chosen to journey with us, I believe they’re important to you too!  We’re simply asking you to join us in prayer! God is our Provider! He promises to equip us with all that we need to do His will. He’s brought us to YWAM Tyler, so we believe He will take care of us here. We are believing great things in the days to come. Thanks for believing with us.

We have had some really cool moments of ministry and fun these past few weeks – Keep Reading =>

After Amy published this recent blog for YWAM Tyler, a young lady from Germany reached out to us. Amy was able to call, pray, and encourage her in her journey with the Lord. It’s amazing to see the impact of how God can take a story and put it in front of the people who need to read it. (Read It Here)

Sheep Aren't So Dumb

Our yearly Inspire Worship and Missions Conference was a real blast. I had the opportunity to be a co-host with the live stream of this event, which has had over 450 viewing hours. I also emcee’d the Saturday morning session — you all know how much I love the stage. 😉 (Watch Inspire Here)

Liam Coventry was the keynote speaker for the weekend. I look pretty serious about this introduction.
I really enjoyed engaging with people who were live streaming this event. My co-host and work buddy, Anthony and I had a blast emceeing this online event.

Audrey was picked among 3 other students from her school to be presented with the Young Citizens Award from The Rotary Club of Tyler. She was nominated for this award along with others from surrounding middle schools and high schools.

The meal was so-so. The keynote speaker was better than average. The awarded student? Well she is super awesome!

My parents and brother had an opportunity to come down for a week to hang with us and we had a great time showing them around East Texas a bit. We love going to Waco, TX and visiting Magnolia and Baylor University.

Dad stayed home to be caretaker of the dogs, while the rest of us trekked around Waco, TX.
Audrey has her sights set on attending Baylor University. We have a tour with a BU student counselor coming up on May 10th!

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Grace live with us this year. She is planning to travel back to South Korea for a few weeks as well as attend an SST at YWAM. Keep her in your prayers. She will be back with our family at the end of July for another year of school with CHS.

We will miss Grace when she’s back home for the the summer, but we know it will be a great time for her reconnect with her family.

As I close this blog update, I hope you will print this and have it handy to pray with us for our current family needs and ministry plans. Your continued support is so appreciated. We love how we are all connected together in advancing God’s kingdom together.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” (Mother Teresa)

You are loved.

Richard and Amy

Who’s really the greatest find? No doubt me finding Amy is the better! 😉


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