When Impossible Showed Up.

“Only put 30 dollars of gas in the tank,” Amy said as she jumped out of the car and ran into our local grocery store not realizing she was still dressed in her mis-matched attire from spirit day at YWAM. I forgot too, until I stepped out of the car to pump gas and realized how awful my outfit was compared to those walking around.

At $24 and some odd cents, the gas pump shut off. I kept squeezing and re-squeezing the pump handle, adjusting the nozzle to top off my purchase to $30. Nothing happened. As empty as the tank was when we arrived, I realized something else must be wrong because that wasn’t enough gallons. Then it dawned on me. Amy said only $30! What if she got it wrong (highly unlikely, but nonetheless, I thought it), and we are out of money?!?!

She jumped back in the car with whatever she purchased, and we headed back home as I told her my gas pumping story. After checking our bank account, sure enough, the gas pump had cut off because we were out of cash.

We’ve had many low bank account moments in the past, but I think this was the first time our statement actually was “$0.00” The funny part of this whole story was when Amy showed me this screen shot of her phone, we both started laughing out loud.


Now you may be thinking, “This isn’t funny, Richard.” What made this experience more unusually comical was reflecting on our last blog’s content in light of this experience.

Just days before this goose egg balance showed up, Amy wrote, and I quote, “There are some definite impossibilities before us, but I’m not discouraged by them. I have a very strong stirring within that God is on the move, and He wants me to position myself to be ready! First off, that positioning starts in my heart. Saying God can do anything and believing He can are two different things. I’ve said it often, yet in truth deep down I haven’t always believed anything. For some reason, I’m always putting limitations on God, but I’m challenged more than ever to really believe He can do anything, and when I say anything…I mean ANYTHING!!”

Here we were mid-week, things to do, people to see, work to finish, and our bank account ZERO! The laughter was a realization we are absolutely trusting God for impossibilities to become realities.

This week our Advancement team gathered together and wrote down scenarios we see as impossibilities to trust God with. We stuck them all in a jar and prayed for God to make a way in each story. We believe He will. That jar sits on Amy’s desk to be a continual reminder that God can do anything.

Our account isn’t at zero today. It’s a new week. We are looking to the horizon of our dreams, desiring God’s Kingdom to be advanced on earth. It’s a joy to be in His care on this adventure.

~ Richard

It’s been fun watching Audrey learn a new sport! 
Audrey loves her school family!
Our team visited an area in Tyler called Tent City this past week. A local company allows homeless people to camp on their property for free. 
We took food and supplies to those who were there.
The highlight of the outreach was getting to visit this gentleman. He was so hospitable, asking us to join him at his camp. We shared stories and prayed with him before we left. 

Partner with us.

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    1. You all are amazing witnesses! Thank you for being “transparent” with what God shows you in your daily life…the REAL daily life we don’t like to admit happens. Love you

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