A week in pictures.

It’s been a week to remember, and we want to share a few highlights. Christian Heritage School, where Audrey attends, celebrated Veteran’s Day with a special program. A story she had written was chosen among a few others to be read during the program. What legacy are you leaving the world?

Audrey sitting next to very old magnolia tree in Mineola Texax“America’s Gift to My Generation”

On a December day in 1944, Private James Wynn and his fellow men, loaded down with guns and packs, cautiously dodged mines and tripwires. Little did Private Wynn know at the time he’d later be taken as a German prisoner of war. Why would this young man risk his life? He risked all because he believed to fight and die for what’s right is better than to do nothing and live. Because of people like Private Wynn, today’s generation has the liberty to create, to reason, and to choose.

Unlike children in countries like North Korea, American youth are encouraged to create, from building blocks as toddlers to computer coding as teenagers. Society applauds imagination. A 13-year-old girl, Emma Yang, recently created an incredible app that determines whether or not an athlete has a concussion. Emma considered a possibility. She had an ingenious idea; then she produced it! This liberty to create is extremely valuable.

In America, a person’s mind is treasured, and our Constitution protects individuals’ beliefs. At Christian Heritage School, teachers challenge students to form their own opinions and to draw conclusions in ways that are rooted in truth. By no means are today’s youth “robots”. We have ideas, dreams, hopes, and even frustrations that should be voiced. Thankfully in this country, our thoughts matter and are recognized.

We, in America, have always enjoyed the privilege of choosing. We’ve never faced a day where we didn’t get to decide and to choose certain options for ourselves. Young people in nations such as Afghanistan don’t have the liberty to pick their jobs or even their schooling. In some parts of the world, girls can’t select their spouses. There is joy and satisfaction in getting to choose the life you want.

Veterans of past wars painstakingly endowed unto us these liberties of creativity, reasoning, and choice. Let’s be a generation that creates innovative designs. In a world with many problems, let’s think up life-saving solutions. Finally, let’s choose to put others above ourselves, just like my great-grandfather Private Wynn did. Liberty is a gift we should never take for granted.


This week on campus we met with one of the Discipleship Training Schools. My colleague and I hosted a live video feed. See more of our campus and a sneak peek of our Ag-Tech department. (Click Image to Play)

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 3.01.23 PM

On Friday night a special party was thrown for us and another lady because we’re hosting Korean students this year. Due to the difficultly of understanding English tense, we were known as the Fisher Family for 24hrs! We learned a lot about Korean culture. They don’t wear deodorant because Korean’s don’t have stinky sweat glands in their armpits, and they bring a toilet paper roll as a house warming gift when invited for a dinner party. Who knew?


Seaweed soup, rice, some kind of meat, Kimchee (That is not how you spell it), and noodles … with a whole bunch of stuff I don’t normally eat, was part of our menu.


Abraham and his wife oversee our Korean ministry team and hosted this event to honor our family and others.

Near us is a little town we just love to visit. When we can, we drive up the road, visit the local thrift store there, and walk the neighborhoods, enjoying the architecture of this 100+ year old Texas town. And of course, we take our share of Instagram selfies while we are there.


As we continue to serve at YWAM Tyler as volunteer missionaries, we truly appreciate your prayers and support. Think about partnering with us. We’d love to have you on our team.


5 Replies to “A week in pictures.”

  1. Audrey,
    You got it right on why we fight to protect our freedom and why we must also fight so that others can have the freedom we enjoy so much. Even with the damage that our military service has caused to our bodies and minds, thee vast majority of us veterans would do it again. Our freedom and seeing kids like you prosper is so worth it.
    SSG US Army 66-86 Vietnam Jan 70-Jan 71

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