Raise the Banner High

When I tell people we volunteer with Youth with a Mission in Texas, I get all kinds of questions. “What is the campus like?” is a main curiosity for many. Honestly, it’s sometimes hard to express the expanse of our ministry here in Tyler, Texas, so we are grateful for a video our campus put together by our team to give a little glimpse to the Twin Oaks Ranch where Amy and I work.

The host of this video is new to YWAM and works closely with me in our Advancement office. We hope you’ll watch the video and take a peek into our campus life. The video touches on many aspects of what life is like here and the ministries of YWAM Tyler.

We appreciate everyone who supports us through prayer, encouraging words, and finances. For those of you looking for an easy way to support us, we have our very own Online Giving Page set up for us by our campus accounting office. It’s pretty and easy to give donations this way.

Students from our campus will be leaving for outreach soon to many parts of the globe to make Jesus known through evangelism and service. We are honored to be a part of their discipleship journey and to see them lift the banner of Jesus above the troubles of the nations. We too are lifting His banner high here in Texas, as I trust you all are in the places God has planted you. I’m glad we’re in this together.


For other ways to partner with us please visit our Partnering Page.

Here’s my friend and co-worker Bennett as we figure out how to make our social media and web experiences, intuitive and informative for users wanting info about YWAM and missions.
Audrey and one of her friends Ellie at a recent weekend staff gathering.
Molly was being silly with one of the goats in our Agricultural Department. She named this little fellow Charlie. He was unwanted by the herd and later passed away. RIP Charlie.
Someone found this pic of Amy and I and sent it to us to remind us of how far we’ve come. I have to say, Amy’s hardly changed, and I may try to bring that mullet back!

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