Hospitality is the Most Central Part of the Gospel

Emails are convenient, yes, but talking to people is irreplaceable. Last week, I was having a hard time figuring out how to call Germany, yet my determination to make the personal connection drove me to solve the problem. A young lady from a small village in Germany contacted my office about desiring to come and join a YWAM school. We emailed back and forth for a few days until finally, I was able to call her using a phone app.

Her response was priceless. “I can’t believe you would take the time to actually try to call me from America,” she said after our introductions. In our world of email, text, and instant messages, nothing says you really care like an actual live friendly voice. This was her first experience with our campus, and I hope she felt valued.

Value may be the most important thing we communicate to one another.

FullSizeRender 9
(Left to Right) Olivia, and Anthony, a co-worker who helps our office steward relationships, and Andrill who visited our campus Friday from the Ukraine. We snapped instant photos with him as a memory maker as he prays about coming to train with us next year with his family.

I hear Jesus’ words over and over throughout His teachings saying, “Whosoever will ….” The “whosoever” indicates there is no distinction of race, class, or gender to be welcomed into the Kingdom. People have value. They are so valuable it’s our duty as believers to be as hospitable as we can to show them the love the Father has for them.

I’m learning this first hand and trying to practice what I preach. Deep down I’m asking the same basic intrinsic, yet subliminal, question every other person on the planet is asking, “Do you like me?” I look around where I work and worship and wonder, “Do people really like me?” If I’m asking that, I’m sure others are even if they don’t acknowledge it.

Recently, we opened our home to a young South Korean girl for a year as she studies at the school Audrey attends. For the record, we only have 3 bedrooms which meant someone was going to be sharing a room with our new guest. Audrey showed sincere hospitality by rearranging her room to accommodate her new housemate and make her space comfortable.

FullSizeRender 10
Grace and Audrey eating dinner at Torchy’s Taco after our Saturday evening service at Soma Church.

Thursday last week we had a special surprise. Our good friends from Thailand, Paul and Penny Wilcox, took time while in Texas to spend a day with us. I saw hospitality work two-directionally, and what a blessing it was. They showed us value by carving out space and time when they could have done something a lot more exciting, and we opened our home and took time off work so they would know we deeply care about our relationship.

Paul and Penny were our DTS (Discipleship Training School) leaders back in 2005 in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Hospitality says, “You are loved.” Jesus showed us first hand the clear connection between the Gospel and hospitality when we read, “For God so loved the world, He gave …”.

Take time to extend a greeting, have a needed conversation, or even open your home, as a means to be hospitable. Hear Jesus reminding you, “Whosever will … come.” Perhaps your hospitality will be the first Gospel experience someone will ever have.

~ Richard

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* The featured image in this post is from a painting project Audrey created during YWAM Tyler’s Family Sync program this Summer. 


12 Replies to “Hospitality is the Most Central Part of the Gospel”

  1. You and Amy have always been among the most hospitable folks we’ve ever met. You’ve taught us a lot about that!
    And — btw — we Millers all like you a lot too!

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  2. We don’t like you…WE LOVE YOU!!! LOL but come to think of it, it is possible to love someone and not like them very much… at least for me it is. And so I have to say, YEP, we like you too! And miss you like crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amen! Love this post, Fishes! I’ll always remember, our small groups at your place in NC and how ‘homey and welcoming’ your physical home felt, with Housefires playing in the background, and your warmth when we walked through the door. Love you guys!

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  4. Thank you Richard and Amy. The image that came to me while I read this is hospitality being “eyeball to eyeball”. Take everything else away and you are directing your full attention to the person, situation, or relationship. Keeping you in prayer

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