The Best Pathway For Your Life

FullSizeRender 2.jpgSummer is coming to an end for our family, and school will begin tomorrow. We’re excited to announce we’ve welcomed a new member into our home ~ Grace ~ who arrived last night from South Korea. She’s 15 years old and will be studying at the same school Audrey attends, Christian Heritage School. I’m always in awe at how God works behind the scenes to bring about history ~ His story ~ in our lives.

Back in May, an announcement went out to pray about housing an international student. As soon as I read, I instantly thought, “We could do that!” But then I proceeded to ask the Lord, “Yes, Lord, I know we can do it, but is this what You want us to do?” So with that question looming, Richard and I waited on the Lord for His answer. A couple of weeks went by, and we were approached by someone to strongly consider taking this step. We agreed to pray, but we couldn’t make the commitment at that time because we still didn’t have peace from the Lord to say yes.

Throughout June and July we continued to pray. Audrey was quick to respond with a “Yes! Let’s do it!” Richard and I weren’t quite so quick though, so we waited on the Lord to guide us.

At the beginning of August, I told Richard, we really needed to make a decision by the end of the week because it wouldn’t be long before school started. So we dedicated that week to intentionally praying about it and asking God to give us the needed clarity.

During this time of praying and waiting on the Lord, Grace had already been placed in a home. She was scheduled to live with another family, yet we didn’t know this over the months we had been praying about it. However, the family who had agreed to take her in had unforeseen circumstances arise, so they needed to step down from their commitment, which meant Grace was without a place to stay. When I had told Richard we needed to make a decision by the end of the week, the need for Grace to have a home was unfolding.

At the end of that week, Richard and I had a definite peace from God this was His will for us. Housing  a student meant we would need to “be here” which affected commitments we would make in other areas of our life, but we knew it was right. When we went to the leadership to express our willingness to house a student, they were thrilled because the need was pressing. God’s guidance was clearly right on time!

This story has taught me in a real tangible way ~ God cares about the details! Even the timing of when we say yes to something matters. If we had said yes in June or July, Grace would have already been placed in a home, and we would have had the freedom to commit to other things we were being asked to do. However, God knew in August the need for Grace’s housing would be there, so He waited to give us an answer until it was time to meet that need.

Recently, in my quiet time, I read these words from Psalm 32:8 NLT: “The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.'” God knows what’s best. He wants to guide and advise us in all matters of our life, and He is watching over us to bring about the best!

For two months, we waited on the Lord to guide us. Clearly our hearts had been stirred, but we needed to have God’s peace in order to move forward. So we waited. While we waited, we prayed and listened, expectant of an answer. God’s answer came right when it was supposed to, right when the need was at hand. When we don’t get answers to our prayers right away, it doesn’t mean God is saying no. God isn’t ambiguous. He will guide the Scripture says. The key is will we let Him. Will we wait for His answer? Will we trust Him even when we don’t understand?

I’m thankful God cares about the details. For Grace, it meant her dream to study in America would be fulfilled. For us, we could say “yes” with confidence of God’s leading. Please pray for Grace as she makes adjustments here. This is her first time to travel abroad. She’s also got a lot to learn with the English language. She comes from a loving Christian family, who support her in pursuing her dreams. We feel honored to be able to play a part in her life and development.


God is good! I pray you are seeing the hand of God at work in your lives as well, working behind the scenes and guiding you along His best pathway for your life. It is a joy to partner with you all in the journey and share these stories of God’s guidance.

You are loved!


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