From HERE to … THERE.

Do you have  a 30 second “elevator” statement to explain what you do? I get asked a lot about what I do at YWAM Tyler and my nutshell answer is, “helping people get from here to there.”

Amy and I are involved in on-going, hands-on discipleship. We love seeing people get from where they are, to being closer to Jesus and His mission for their lives. Either by what we communicate over the phone with a perspective student, or in a one-on-one lunch meeting, or even when we write for the campus blog, our hearts are passionate about people.

Version 2
Amy’s School of Evangelism (SOE) on an outing for “Cow Appreciation Day.”

Just this week, Amy was able to meet with a student and mentor her through some personal challenges. Through love and encouragement, this young lady was able to take steps in the right direction towards Jesus. As partners in ministry, every life we touch here, you touch!

Amy recently recapped our story, of how we got involved with YWAM in an awesome blog entitled, “Don’t Drag Your Feet.” It’s featured here as a link to our campus website so you can read the story.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.24.37 PM

After you read the article, feel free to subscribe to YWAM Tyler’s blog and choose your notification preferences. You will be amazed and encouraged by the stories God is writing in the lives of His people.

For many, making life changes is challenging, even though they know deep down it’s time to do something different. Just knowing it’s time to move from here to there doesn’t make the decision any easier.

We hope our story encourages you to step out and follow Jesus wherever He leads you.

On a family note, Audrey turns 13 this week by the way. Hard to believe our baby will be a teenager! 35940478855_b28769727f_h

Please continue to pray for us. Thank for your continued to support.

Join us as partners by visiting our partner page on this blog.



One Reply to “From HERE to … THERE.”

  1. What I do… pray for people who are helping people to get from here to there!!! Love to you guys always! It made me smile to hear you say..Amy and I are invovled in on-going hands on discipleship!!! Because I know that is what is in your hearts to do, called of God to do it and I get to participate by supporting you in any way God allows me to do. Thanks for being faithful!

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