5 Big Questions People Ask Us About “Working” with YWAM

Since our big transition a year and half ago from living in the mountains of Western North Carolina to settling down in rural Lindale, Texas, I’ve been asked some great questions about what we do at Youth With A Mission.

We just spent a wonderful month visiting the Carolinas reconnecting with people we haven’t seen in quite a while. We were encouraged by how God is working in the lives of those we love. From many of our conversations we found ourselves sharing new insights to our work with YWAM as well as repeating the same stories to help folks understand what we do.

I’ve included in this post the top 5 big questions people ask us, with answers to help you understand our work with YWAM Tyler.

1) Question: What is Youth With A Mission, and what does this organization do?

YWAM is one of the largest missionary sending groups in the world, and the facets of it’s ministry are vast. YWAM has 1,100 locations around the world with and estimated 20,000+ staff. Just at YWAM Tyler Texas alone, there are over 200 staff supporting and working with 221 ministry centers in 105 countries! Learn more on our website.

YWAM Tyler is a missionary training center, equipping people to serve God in many spheres of society. Here’s a little taste of what a training school is like and what we are involved in. ~

YWAM Tyler DTS Video

2) Question: Why are you serving specifically at YWAM Tyler? Why Texas?

Because God called us here. You may feel like that is some Christianese answer, but it is seriously true. Texas was not on our radar for places to live … ever! There were plenty of “signs” to help us make sense of pulling off such a drastic change in our lives back in 2015, but at the end of the day what’s most important is knowing God’s called us here. Honestly, we are okay with not totally understanding why for right now.

You can read Amy’s take on “Why Texas?”on another blog from this link.

3) Question: So, what does a typical day look like for you guys?

During the school year, Audrey grabs the bus at 7:45 to head to CHS (Christian Heritage School) which is located on one of YWAM Tyler’s 3 campus locations. She returns around 3:30 to the Twin Oaks Campus where Amy and I work. Our local news did a fabulous story on CHS and you can watch the story here.

Last quarter, Amy took on a new challenge of working with one of the Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). We have 5 different school leaders who run DTS’s throughout the year. Amy’s specific title is “school staff.” She’s now working with the School of Evangelism (SOE). In both these schools, she serves by helping with administrative tasks, participating in the lecture studies, discipling students one-on-one and in small groups, and preparing for their outreach to make God known.

I’ve been working in the Mobilization (Advancement) department. Simply put it’s helping people move from where they are to a life of missions. This department has been through a major revitalization since I’ve been working there, combining several departments under one roof and focusing our efforts towards helping people who are inquiring about our school make a great decision to receive our training. It’s been a huge project to tackle. In the midst of all this, I’m also engaged in creative content for our social media marketing, blogs, email promotions, and video concepts. I should mention as well, Amy helps as editor with much of these promotions as well as blog writing for the campus.

In the process of our work, we are being very observant to learn how a YWAM campus functions.

4) Question: You don’t get paid by YWAM Tyler?

This is my favorite question. Every missionary with YWAM is a volunteer. Our campus operations is run by donations and tuition from students, but all the staff and leaders from the top down trust the Lord for support. I think whenever we use the word “staff” it communicates a salary; however, just to be clear – we don’t receive one! 🙂

We have bills just like everyone else: daily expenses to care for the needs within our own family, as well as to minister to the community around us. We also have dreams for future ministry opportunities, which require more funds. We’ve learned to take our requests, needs, dreams, and all to Him first and foremost, trusting He will equip us to do His will. God’s been faithful to provide for us all along the way!

A big way God equips us is through the support of others. Each supporter we see as a partner in ministry. Every person Amy and I disciple, inspire, serve, or care for is a direct result of those who support us. We couldn’t do this without each one of you!

If you want to partner with us, please let us know. We’d love to have you on our team, praying, supporting, and being a part of some amazing stories. Join us as partners by visiting our partner page on this blog.

5) Question: How long are you planning on staying in Texas?

We don’t know how long we will be here, but we do know a few things. We will complete our one year internship this fall, and we will continue to seek God on developing His vision for our lives and ministry. How long we remain here is in God’s hands, and we aren’t going anywhere unless He calls us.

Okay, well those are my 5 big questions to answer for now. If you have more questions for us to answer, leave a comment and we’ll contact you. Here’s a montage of some photos of recent activity with our family over the past month.


Peace and Blessings,


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