No Need To Second-Guess God’s Direction

img_3432-1Have you ever second-guessed yourself? We’ve all had moments just after decision-making-time when we wonder if we chose the right thing. Even if we believe God’s directed our steps, it’s easy to let doubt overtake faith. When doubt creeps in, one thing Amy and I do to counter these thoughts is to ask, “Are we doing what God has asked us to do?” If the answer is, “Yes,” then we stick our decisions and trust God in full faith. If your feeling uneasy about decisions you’ve made recently, I would encourage you to ask yourself the same question.

Recently we’ve made some major decisions, and now we are trusting God with the results.

Audrey’s first day at her new school

For starters, we’ve enrolled Audrey in Christian Heritage School (CHS) located on one of  YWAM Tyler’s campuses. Many factors led us to make this choice. After two weeks into school, I’m happy to report Audrey’s doing great!

First day of Orientation Week for the Discipleship Training School

With Audrey in school, Amy’s now working in one of the five training schools on the Twin Oaks YWAM campus. It was a huge decision and wasn’t made lightly. We came here with a desire to learn and be trained in how a YWAM base operates. With Amy participating full-time with a training school, she’s learning how a school functions by helping with the daily administrative tasks, co-leading a small group, participating in one-on-one discipleship, and preparing for outreach. Nothing is really done without prayer as a staff, which has been a highlight in working with the school.

Amy’s students came by my office on a scavenger hunt to meet me and my co-worker

YWAM Tyler requires an internship phase as a staff member before releasing people into new ministries. While Amy’s with schools,  I’m serving in the Mobilization / Advancement office. At first, I was second-guessing my decision to work in this department. However, after only serving there for a few months, I can see exactly why God led me to this office. Right now, we are making major changes on how we market our training schools. We are also implementing a new nurturing system to care for people in their journey to attend our schools and engage in missions. I’m learning a lot and am able to help in practical ways.

But this isn’t the end of making big decisions! There is so much more to come. We are asking the Lord to guide every decision we make this year to accomplish His purposes for our lives. Amy and I continue to dream how, when, and where we will actually do what God has put in our heart. Oswald Chamber’s words come to mind, “God will bring the vision He has given you to reality in your life if you will wait on His timing.” Knowing God’s showing us what to do next helps us trust we are doing exactly what He’s called us to do.

We love each of you who follow our story and partner with us in prayer and financial support of our mission work. It is impossible to even suggest we can do this without you. We refer to you as part of our team, partnering with us to advance God’s Kingdom across the earth. Thank you!

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We snapped a Christmas Family Photo while visiting the cute, little town of Minneola, Texas

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