“What’s more, I’ll make a covenant with them that will last forever, a covenant to stick with them no matter what, and work for their good.  I’ll fill their hearts with a deep respect for me so they’ll not even think of turning away from me. Oh how I’ll rejoice in them! Oh how I’ll delight in doing good things for them! Heart and soul, I’ll plant them in this country and keep them here!”  (Jere. 32:40-41 TM)

The Little Blue House

The Father heart of God is nothing short of amazing, especially when throughout history His children have often been stubborn, ungrateful, and disobedient. This life-changing covenant given to Jeremiah actually came at the height of Israel’s rebellion. They were going to be exiled for seventy years because they had turned their back on the Father, BUT GOD loved them and planned to make things new. I’ve been moved to tears many times as of late every time I read a scripture highlighting Abba’s love for His children. His plan from the beginning was to give us a hope and a future. His promise was to work for our good. His Father’s heart would forever change us and lead us Home.

Over the last several months, Richard and I have been praying fervently for a home.  We knew God had called us to YWAM Tyler, but we were lacking what we needed to make the move.  We knocked on countless of doors, asked many to be praying with us, and waited for the Lord to say, “This is the way, walk in it.”  Focusing on the Father’s heart of God sustained me during this season of waiting. I’d read passages that revealed how it gives our Father great happiness to give us the Kingdom (Luke 12:32 NLT). I saw in the story of Acts how Abba was always present in the disciples lives to provide for them even in the face of great persecution. Waiting is hard because our flesh wants something tangible to hold onto and see, BUT GOD promises to always be working for our good. He is the One we’re to hold onto.

During our final week of the School of Evangelism, I was waking up from a nap and the Lord began to speak to my heart. He walked me through the stories of Joseph and Daniel and highlighted some spiritual truths from their lives, which brought some much-needed insight and encouragement we were needing. It was during this time, I grabbed my phone and began to house search once again. Still dazed from waking up, I somehow stumbled upon a little blue house I had overlooked many times and surprisingly realized it was just five minutes from the YWAM campus. Richard and I decided to go check it out.  We immediately fell in love with the home as we walked around the property. We then began to pray for God to open the door for us to move here. We visited the property several times after that day and prayed over it each time. We asked friends to join us in prayer as well. After much persistence with the owners to work with us, the door remained closed, and so we moved on and began looking elsewhere, BUT GOD had other plans.

IMG_5847About ten days ago, we moved into the little blue house! It was a miracle! A generous offer was extended to help us with our housing. After some searching, God once again highlighted the little blue home, and within a 24 hr period all was worked out. Words can’t even express how thankful we are to finally be settled.

“God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” (Eph. 3:20 TM)

I still get teary eyed when I reflect on all God did. It truly was far beyond what I would have even dared to ask or think. It’s been a joy making this space our own and dreaming of ways to enhance and use it for God’s glory. We hope to have many visitors from near and far away.

Staffing at YWAM

On July 25th, Richard and I will be starting with YWAM’s advancement department. We are excited (and a bit nervous!) about this next year of staff in training. Richard and I are called to be engaged with the local church right here in America and this particular department seems to be a good fit for us in that regard. With the chaos, division, and unrest happening across this nation, we are desperate for the Lord to bring healing to this land.

Thanks to all who are praying for us. Your prayers make a huge difference in our lives. Please continue to pray for the Lord to guide our every step. Without Him, we can do nothing! We know we’re in a season of gaining trust at YWAM Tyler. Pray that we will have good integrity and give God glory in all we do. Being in advancement and connecting with local churches across the land will require us to be mobile at times. Please continue to pray for God to equip us with all that we need to do His will.

A few final prayer requests are for our kids. First of all, we are needing to gather Audrey’s home-school materials for this next school year, and we are also going to restart the process of her immigration since we have a permanent address once again. Please be praying for guidance, provision, and specifically favor with the government to finalize Audrey’s citizenship. Secondly, Molly is needing to get her own car. She’s saved some money and is hoping to find something with a low monthly payment. Pray the Lord leads her to the right car. Finally, Emily is set to begin school in mid-August, but she owes money towards this next year’s school bill. Please join us in praying for God to guide and provide for her.

Thanks to all who financially support us. We couldn’t do this without your partnership! It’s such an encouragement to be blessed in so many ways too. This week we received an awesome package filled with products we could use in our new home. Then yesterday, Richard and I used a gift card we’d been given for a date night. It was so nice to be able to get away. We are thankful for ALL the ways people encourage us in this journey.

God delights in doing good things for His children. What a joy and privilege to be called by His name. Nothing is impossible with Him. Things may seem to be going all wrong and the door may look bolted shut, BUT GOD is present behind the scenes always working for His children’s good. Praise His name!



“Glory to God in the church!
Glory to God in the Messiah, in Jesus!
Glory down all the generations!
Glory through all millennia! Oh, yes!” (Eph. 3:21 TM)


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10 Replies to “BUT GOD”

  1. I think our houses are the same color! I love your smiling faces, the double window behind you on the porch, Audrey on her swing, Andre fact that Amy has Sophie!

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  2. Richard and Amy, WHOA!!! WOW!!! and ZOINKERS!!! God is So Good, All the Time. We are so crazy happy for you and your “Little Blue House”. It is so adorable and looks like it is perfect for what you need. We are familiar with the area, where is your house? Did you buy it or are you renting? I can totally see you using the house as a base when you need to be mobile and God blessing you with a cute little RV to allow you to GO & DO God’s will. We are praying…

    It is incredible how similar our walks are with God and YWAM. We are right where you were just a few months ago. The lease on our current apartment is up on Sept 11th and we have been praying, asking and believing that God is going to provide us a house before that date. The incredibly generous couple that has been paying our rent here is going to continue to support us, but at a lower level monthly. We are so thankful…

    *”We have done the possible and are letting God do the impossible…”*

    We have asked, shopped around, made proposals and are so very excited waiting for God to provide. We even have four young men that are on staff here with us at YWAM Denver that are willing to pay $300/month to share a few basement bedrooms. With them in the basement and the supporter that has helped us this year, we are hoping to be able to rent a home here near the base in Arvada. We’d appreciate it if you could pray with us to help make this a reality for our family and the staffers we could help with their housing.

    Tell Molly we said hi for us. We are coming to Fort Worth in August on a fundraising trip. We’d love to come by for a visit if you are available. We don’t have any firm dates yet but if you let us know what your schedule looks like in August, we’d love to try visit.

    God bless, Jeremy and Cindy On Jul 14, 2016 11:28 AM, “Richard and Amy Fish” wrote:

    > ilovefishman posted: “”What’s more, I’ll make a covenant with them that > will last forever, a covenant to stick with them no matter what, and work > for their good. I’ll fill their hearts with a deep respect for me so > they’ll not even think of turning away from me. Oh how I’ll r” >

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