Following Fearlessly

Groping in the Dark

“Who out there fears God, actually listens to the voice of his servant? For anyone out there who doesn’t know where you’re going, anyone groping in the dark ~ Here’s what: Trust in God. Lean on your God!.” (Isaiah 50:10 TM)

27401954136_6a577db47f_oJust the other day, Audrey and I were needing to get to the end of a very dark hallway to reach the bathroom. We literally couldn’t see anything. Audrey immediately grabbed my arm and leaned in close. She didn’t want to stay alone and wait for me to turn on the light at the end of the hall. She felt most safe by my side as I led us to the light. Together we walked the long passageway. This visual came to mind as I read these words from Isaiah this morning. It was a comforting thought as I meditated on the Word because right now we find ourselves walking in the dark.

In less then three weeks, we are planning to return to Lindale, Texas to join Youth With a Mission; however, at present we don’t have a home to move into. We’ve got the rental truck reserved to move our stuff but no where to take the truck once we get there. If it wasn’t for the Lord’s presence in my life, I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near this dark road. It’s too scary. There’s no light ahead signifying an open door. Only darkness. Yet, everyday God reminds me He’s present. All l need to do is lean on Him.

Needed Light for My Path

Notice all the scriptures from Isaiah and Luke, which I read this morning in my quiet time  . . .

“He said to me, ‘You’re my dear servant, Israel, through whom I’ll shine.'” (Isaiah 49:3 TM)

“When the time’s ripe, I answer you. When victory’s due, I help you.” (Isaiah 49:8 TM)

“I’ll never forget you–never. Look I’ve written your names on the backs of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:15-16 TM)

“No one who hopes in me ever regrets it.” (Isaiah 49:23 TM)

“Do you think I’ve forgotten how to help? Am I so decrepit that I can’t deliver? I’m as powerful as ever . . . I can dry up the sea with a word.” (Isaiah 50:2 TM)

“If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.” (Luke 17:33 TM)

26926218751_3d24424246_kAfter reading this morning, I had to stop and thank the Lord for His Word. This encouragement is just from today’s reading. I have a journal full of scriptures over these last few weeks that the Lord has given to strengthen my heart. I don’t know where I’d be without His daily light for my path.


Do YWAM Staff Get Paid?

Besides being presently homeless (haha), we are actually quite excited about the next step in our journey. We plan to start out by working in the Mobilization / Advancement department of this particular base, while we participate in the year long “staff in training” program.

As we’ve been sharing the story of how God is leading us with our family and friends, we’ve been asked often if coming on “staff” with YWAM Tyler means we will get paid. All YWAM staff around the globe (which numbers about 18,000 individuals) serve voluntarily. Regardless of their years with the mission organization or position at a base, each person raises their own support. Most have partners who join them in ministry through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. We are very thankful for those who have committed to partner with us in missions and are praying others will join with us too. The greatest blessing is the relationship we have with each one.

26721016290_38ae44ec90_o“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.”  Hudson Taylor

Please continue to pray for us in this season of waiting and transition. We are trusting God to open doors for us. Walking down dark hallways is inevitable in the journey, but with our hands in His, we can follow fearlessly.



To communicate and partner with us check out our partnering page.






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