Fish Family Update – Alaska

We are currently in Naknek, Alaska in the Bristol Bay Borough. After another 10 days here, we will be heading back to Anchorage and then Homer. We thank all of you for your prayers and support. As we have internet connection, we’ll try to keep up with pictures and short stories on Facebook and Instagram. 

By mid May we will return to Texas to graduate from our School of Evangelism training and begin the next part of our journey. Our biggest need is finding a place to live. Rent in the area near the YWAM campus is higher than we expected, but we are believing the Lord has the exact place prepared for us. 

The following story Amy published in our Bible in Year blog, and we wanted to share this amazing story with everyone. We hope you will be encouraged in your journey to Trust God First as well!

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Trust God First

“David strengthened himself with trust in his God.” (1 Samuel 30:6)

It was the day before we were to leave for LA & Alaska. Our school leader, Kim, sat us down to explain we couldn’t leave for outreach if we didn’t have all our funds. We lacked $2500, so we contacted our faithful praying friends and asked them to join us in prayer in our hour of need. Then we waited.

I love how it says David strengthened himself by trusting God. The camp had been invaded, wives and children taken captive, and all possessions plundered. David’s army was mad and threatened to stone him. So what does David do? Trust God! He found his strength through trusting the Almighty.

Before we met with our school leader, Richard told me he had been encouraged through Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s story. He shared, “God is able to provide this need, Amy, but even if He doesn’t I’m still going to trust the Lord!” We then prayed together. It was a special moment. We found strength in trusting God no matter the outcome. We then were able to go about our day with peace.

Too often we want the provision in order to trust. Yet, I believe God wants us to trust first. Whether He provides or not, we choose to trust and obey because we know He is good. When our hearts want the Provider more than the provision, we will truly abide in His love.

God did provide the need. All throughout the day funds came in, and at 4:45pm we were able to pay off what we owed. The office closed at 5pm. Now that’s miraculous! We rejoiced with our fellow teammates and thanked the Lord for His provision. Trusting the Lord first strengthened us and enabled us to abide in the Lord as we waited that day.

Elisabeth Elliott once said, “Trust God and do the next thing.” Whatever you’re facing in this life, trust God first! He will not fail you. In your hour of need, trusting in the Almighty will strengthen you, and I believe you will taste and see the Lord’s goodness as a result.


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  1. Praise God!! So happy for you and rejoicing with you that He is our Provider and will take care of us, no matter what that ends up looking like! Praying for you all and thanks for keeping us posted of your journey! So exciting! x


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