Be a Voice

“Why not us?” Audrey said. I replied, “Yeah, why not us? Why not now?” We were prayer walking around Planned Parenthood’s six-story building in downtown Houston when Audrey and I had this conversation. We discussed why we were walking and praying in the heat of the day at this site. “Audrey, sometimes there needs to be a voice for for the voiceless. These little babies don’t have a voice, so somebody needs to be a voice for them.” That’s excatly when she said, “Why not us?”

It seems like yesterday, Amy and I as young teens, sat in Bethany’s Crisis Pregnancy Center discussing with the counselor options for bringing a baby into the world. Her voice was caring and compassionate, and like a recorder, I can play back the dialogue from that day. She told me out of the 12 years she had been a counselor, I was the first boyfriend she’d ever counseled with the pregnant girlfriend. That was 1989.

I’ve spent a few weeks trying to locate this woman from all those years ago. She was a voice and it made a difference. I want her to know this. Contact has been made with Bethany and I’m still in contact with personnel trying to locate this lady who helped change our lives.

Our family with Davon at Street Church, Houston, Texas

Downtown Houston is huge. If you could take its three epicenters and combine them, it would rival New York. In the heart of the city a ministry called Street Church exists to help those who have lost their way and are in real need. After 75 or so men, women and children arrived for worship and a meal, I glanced around to see what Amy was doing. In true fashion, rather than trying to be an enthusiastic high-fiver to everyone, she found one person to pour her life into. I saw her in one-on-one conversation with this young man who was deaf since he was a child because of complications.

As she spent one-on-one quality time with Davon, talking so her lips could be read and relating with childlike sign language, a connection was made. While praying with him, tears began to stream down his face. He apologized for crying, and at the same time was greatly encouraged to have met new friends. As the program continued through the evening, Amy spoke what was taking place up front so he would understand as much as those with good ears. She was a voice for him to understand the things of God.

After I joined them, Davon asked our ages and how long we had been married. We shared about our family and flipped through pictures on our iPhone bragging on our children as parents would. Davon smiled and asked us how we were so happy and been married for so long. I told him three things. One we pray together a lot and out loud. He smiled and said, “That’s good.” Secondly, I told him we have no secrets. None. I could tell he understood how important that is. Finally, I had Amy make a triangle with her fingers. I told Davon, our lives as individuals are moving up each side of the triangle toward God at the top. As we get closer to Him, we get closer to each other. In deep contemplation, he understood and shared about his family’s challenges.

God has truly done amazing things in our lives. We are privileged to have opportunities to share and serve with minnistries around Houston this week and see how God would use us to to touch other’s lives.

Our outreach to Houston and Alaska continues, and we thank you for your prayers and support. As we continue to press forward, we are asking the Lord to provide the finances to continue our outreach. There are more people we hope to encounter with the love of Jesus and encourage that He is good.

We all have a part to play in the great commission. As Audrey said, “Why not us?” I hope you too will pray about how to be a voice for Jesus in the world. Why not YOU?!

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