Wired ~ God’s Call

God has called me to bring HOPE and LIFE to broken and lost people through illuminating love, truth, and liberty IN Jesus Christ.

This past week in our final lecture of this school, we were all asked to evaluate our calling.  We took personality test to better understand how we are wired, and we prayed for God to highlight His giftings in us.  It was a very inspiring and insightful week, one I’ll remember for sure.

As I reflected on God’s call in my life, I was able to pen the above words down. I look forward to seeing how God will put this call to action in the days ahead.

Have you taken time to think about what God has called you to do? I encourage you to seek the Lord on this.


11313032_1051638961562760_3709285558397985980_oMany of you have asked for our outreach itinerary. We just received it Friday ourselves.

Thursday Mar. 24th – Monday Apr. 4th – Houston, TX

  • During this time we will be working with YWAM Houston and the Montrose Street Church. There will be numerous opportunities to hands on love and serve. We look forward to times of sharing the Good News with the people of Houston.

Tuesday Apr. 5th – Tyler, TX

  • We will have one day of rest to unpack from Houston and prepare for Alaska.

Wednesday April 6th – Sunday April 10th – Los Angeles, CA

  • While in LA, we will be attending the Azusa Now | The Call conference, which will be a time of prayer and fasting for a great awakening in this nation. Before the conference, which will be on the 9th, we will be inviting people to come and participate in this special event.

Monday April 11th – May 18th – Alaska

  • For 5+ weeks, we will be ministering in the vast land of Alaska. We will fly into Anchorage and stay for a few days. Then, from there the team will head to a village, Nak Nek, to work with the Alaskan natives. Finally, towards the end of our trip, we minister in Homer.  Not all the details are worked out yet, but these three areas and the vicinities around them will be the main places we serve.

We are excited to see how God is going to work in and through us during this time. Please join us in prayer each and everyday.

During the weeks of outreach please pray for:

  • Open doors in all of these places to minister
  • Soft hearts to receive the Good News of Jesus
  • Restoration to occur in lives where brokenness abounds
  • Unity amongst the team
  • Confidence as we walk in the anointing of His Spirit
  • Health and Protection (body, mind, and soul) as we enter into territory where darkness abounds

Thank you to all who are partnering with us in ministry. We are and will be strengthened through your prayers in the weeks to come. Financially, we are still short of the total outreach cost, but we have a peace that God is going to RELEASE the funds needed and equip us to do His will.


Some are asking how the Lord is leading us after we return from outreach. We’ve tried to focus on the present and not be too consumed with the future, but we have taken time to pray and seek the Lord on this. We believe God is leading us to come on staff here at YWAM Tyler. There are many ways the Lord has confirmed this for us. We will share more details regarding this step in future updates. We do look forward to reconnecting with family and friends right after outreach before we return here to settle down. We will have to find a home nearby the campus since there isn’t anything available onsite. We are specifically praying for God to provide us with a place of rest for our family and a place of blessing for all who will visit us. Coming on staff at a YWAM base does not entail receiving a salary as many of you do know, but we are trusting that God equips the called! “Faithful is He who calls you, and He will also bring it to pass” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). Praise the Lord for this promise!

Know that we love you all. We are so thankful to have you as part of our team as we go to make disciples.


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3 Replies to “Wired ~ God’s Call”

  1. That is a beautiful calling! I didn’t realize the Alaska trip was longer than 5 weeks! That’s quite a long time!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Richard & Amy, Thank you for the update about your outreach. We are very excited for you and pray that God continues to bless you on this adventure. Thank you for being so willing to follow His calling for you and your family.

    We will keep in touch with Molly while you are gone just because that’s the kind of thing we do…

    Take care and enjoy the adventure, Jeremy and Cindy


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