Story Time.

Have you shared your story recently? Maybe not your entire life-history, but how about a short-story from your relationship with God? If you’re thinking for one second you don’t have much of a story to share, stop thinking that right now and keep reading.

This week, Amy and I were asked by our school leader to share our story in class. Immediately, I began to think my story didn’t have much significance compared to others. Our instructor encouraged us, however, our story isn’t just about big dramatic events but contains any crossroad of life God used to teach us something. At that point, my mind went bizerk with tons of stories. You have stories too. We all do.

A great gift I received this week was hearing one of Amy’s stories fresh and new. As she stood up front in class and shared how God changed her from a little girl of fear to one who trust in God’s love, I was blown away! I felt like I was opening a specially wrapped present handed down just for me. I was inspired by this single part of her story to trust God more!

Take this challenge for yourself. Carve out five minutes one evening this week and tell a specific story to someone you love about something God’s taught you. I believe two things will happen. First, you will hand a beautiful gift to your spouse or friend which will encourage them. Secondly, you will arm yourself with a tool to help point others to Jesus.

About eight months ago, Molly shared her personal story in Waynesville, NC. She was vulnerable and honest. One young girl listening to Molly’s story decided not to quit a recovery program where she was enrolled. Molly heard from her recently and found out this young girl finished her program and is now enrolled in a Discipleship Training School!  Molly’s story encouraged her to fully trust Jesus. Your story can too, if you will share it.

Story timeline of Hudson Taylor presented by students in our class. If you haven’t read Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Journey, click here to get a copy.

In less than three weeks we are scheduled to leave for Houston, LA and then Alaska. In each of these places we are preparing to share our stories. Pray with us now that God will use our stories to glorify Him and draw others deeper in their faith to trust Him with all their heart. In a dramatic answer to prayer last week, in the nick-of-time, we were able to pay for our airplane tickets. Praise the Lord!  We are still short financially, but we are believing God will meet these needs as He wants us to share His Glory among our nation. Thank you for your prayers and support.


God is good.

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Part of the curriculum in our School of Evangelism has been reading stories of the saints who have gone before us. We also read the current story of Yeonmi Park. Her journey is extremely fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I highly recommend this book especially in understanding the conflict of life under the control of a socialist regime. This true story is not for the faint of heart.

Click here to get a copy.



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