Alaska?! We forgot our jackets!

Amazing, insightful, and convicting are just a few words describing the impact this past week’s teaching had on us. Conversing on the subject of personal finances can be very intimidating. Our instructor, however, had a very sincere way of helping us be honest, vulnerable, and sensitive to what Jesus has to say about money. We are so grateful to God for His kindness and guidance in the area of finances.

Cultural Day

One huge take-away from this week was the reminder of the power of partnering in ministry. We truly believe you all are right beside us in this journey. Praying, encouraging, and financially supporting us aligns our hearts and lives together to accomplish the plans God has in His kingdom. Though geographically we are separated, we are one in the family of God. We are overwhelmed with gratefulness and love for all who are connected with us as partners in ministry. As we journey together, we hope you feel the same way.


Big team pic
Our Outreach Team and Staff

We are also excited to share our outreach plans, which will take place during April and May. Our first leg of the trip will be to Houston, Texas working with the Montrose Street Church helping them “… reach the often forgotten and ignored at-risk street kids and older homeless in the Montrose area of downtown Houston.” (Read more about this ministry at

azuza pic
Watch Lou Engle passionately describe this event

After ten days in Houston, we head by vans to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for Azusa Now | The Call. We are super excited to participate with 100,000+ people praying for repentance, restoration, and unity in America.

In L.A. we will jump on a plane and head to beautiful Anchorage, Alaska to begin the third leg of our journey. We will be in Alaska for approximately five weeks. Here, we will travel throughout the state preaching, teaching, and sharing testimonies. Through drama and creative presentations, we will reach out to the indigenous people with the goal of challenging them to accept and know God. Many in these areas struggleAlaska info pic with depression, alcoholism, hopelessness, and suicide. Our goal is to share the hope of the gospel with those who do not know Jesus and teach new believers about His character.

We thank the Lord for His provision to pay off our tuition bill this past week. We are now trusting Him to equip us with all that we need to do His will for outreach (Hebrews 13:21). The cost of the outreach for our family is $7,500. Please join us in prayer for this upcoming adventure. We want God to be at work in and through us during this time. Your prayers make a difference!

You all are very dear to us and we are thankful for wonderful friends and family who partner with us in these adventures.

Much Love,

Richard, Amy, and Audrey

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