Age Doesn’t Matter.

I have a new friend. His name is Eduardo and he is from Brasil. We became instant friends right after this conversation in his broken English. “Excuse me, Reechard. I was want to ask you, um, how old you are.” I replied, “46.” His eyes popped out and back into place and he said, “I imagined you only to be, maybe, 34, 35, maybe 36.” We both laughed. Like I said, instant friends.

Honestly, I was nervous about coming to a school with “youth” in it’s title, but I have quickly come to realize, YWAM is for anybody at any stage of life. Here at the Tyler base, there are plenty of families of both students and staff. Audrey has quickly made friends who enjoy soccer as much as she, and I’ve met folks my age and much older who have chosen this time in life to draw closer to God and find direction. It’s incredible to hear all the stories from people all over the world coming here, carving out time and space to study, worship, and hear from God.

Just today Amy and I were thinking of how good this time is in our own development and how much we wish others could take the opportunity to have this experience. If you have any inkling you’d like to experience time at a YWAM base for a season, don’t let your age or stage of life discourage you. I’m glad I haven’t.

Click here to watch me scream like a little girl during one of our class parties.

As you continue to pray for us and God’s direction in our lives, I was reminded today through the following video, what little bit I give to Jesus in faith, He can do great things with it. Click here to watch.

mustard seed vid

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Blessings and Peace,


One Reply to “Age Doesn’t Matter.”

  1. I’ve heard you scream like that before!!! 😛
    So thankful to be able to see and hear all that God’s doing in your life and the lives of your family! So thankful that lives are being and will be touched and changed by Jesus’ transforming power in and through you!

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